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Best Phoenix Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

Professional millennials are flocking to Phoenix.

Young, driven, and intelligent—young professionals are being welcomed into countless Phoenix neighborhoods. Even though this is true, with so many great options, it can be difficult to choose the best place to move for you and your career.

If you’re a professional millennial making your move to Phoenix, check out these three top neighborhoods for young professionals from your Phoenix movers:


Camelback East

For those seeking a diverse and thriving suburb to settle down in while focusing on your career, Camelback East provides a great option. This Phoenix neighborhood has an extremely high rate of employment for young professionals and younger members of the workforce. Many of these jobs exist in the realm of law, so this may be a prime spot for budding lawyers.

While this is true, residents say that the cost of living can get pretty steep as it is a vibrant and beautiful suburb. Despite the costs, young professionals should still consider Camelback East during their move to Phoenix; it’s complete with all the usual benefits of living in a suburb such as ready access to workplaces, restaurants, gyms, and other venues.



Though included as a Phoenix neighborhood, Tempe is really its own city only 20 minutes away from downtown Phoenix. The area is known for Arizona State University which can be found in the city. Considering this, young professionals who want to work on their career and take part in the city nightlife of their new home should relocate to Tempe.

Not to mention, since it’s home to a university, the area is already filled with like-minded hardworking young adults. Don’t discount Tempe as a mere college town, though. The city has plenty to keep any professional millennial entertained.



Economics are thriving in this Phoenix neighborhood. Gilbert was previously known for its agricultural roots as a farm town, but recently, the area has seen a great change. Now, Gilbert is growing rapidly in various industries, causing its economy to flourish. For young professionals who like to be ahead of the curve, consider moving to Gilbert to be among the first to benefit from the city’s rapidly evolving atmosphere.

In entertainment, the neighborhood hits the mark, as well. After your move to Phoenix, take a night off from unpacking and see a play at the Hale Centre Theatre.

Your Phoenix movers recommend these neighborhoods if you’re an ambitious young adult who wants to get ahead in your career without sacrificing atmosphere or more importantly, your social life.