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Questions to Ask Movers

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Ohio

When choosing the best moving company to help you relocate to your new home, it is imperative that you find a team that is trustworthy, reputable, and responsible. At All My Sons Moving & Storage we understand how hectic and stressful this time frame can be, especially when it comes to hiring the right moving company. With the help of our Cincinnati residential movers, we have put together the perfect guide to what questions to ask movers, to ensure you find the right team for the job. 

Are You a Properly Licensed Moving Company? 

Our Dayton movers believe that this is one of the best questions to ask movers before signing a contract. To avoid moving scams and untrustworthy movers we highly recommend asking to view the moving companies’ license number as well as review their complaint history and online reviews. All reputable moving companies that relocate people cross country or to different states should have a license issued by the United States Department of Transportation. If you are planning a local move in Cincinnati, the in-state moving company should have a state license issued by the state itself. 

How Do You Determine Moving Prices? 

A very important question to ask movers is how they determine their moving prices. Our Milford movers suggest that you do not sign any contracts without knowledge of how much your move is going to cost prior to relocation. Each moving company prices their moves differently with their own estimates depending on the number of rooms, mileage, etc. You want to ask your movers before signing the contract how much your total is going to cost and if there are any hidden fees that you should be aware of. 

Our Cincinnati local movers will give you a free, no-obligation moving quote when you decide to contact us; all it takes is one phone call and we send out one of our top moving coordinators who will then assess the size and difficulty of your move and then come up with an estimate for your needs.

Do Your Movers Have Experience with Your Type of Move? 

Every move is different and that is why our Springdale movers believe that a great question to ask movers is if they have experience with your specific type of move. If you are relocating to a high-rise apartment in the city, or a townhome with little parking you should ask if they are prepared and their experience with your specific move type. 

Use this opportunity to ask if they require a service elevator, a specific place to park on the main street, as well as how they feel about steep stairs or small doorways. This will help ensure you have a seamless moving experience and that none of your furniture or walls are damaged during the relocation process. 

Do Your Movers Offer Packing Services? 

When preparing for a move a great question to ask movers is if there are any other benefits that should be considered such as packing services. Our Ohio moving company can help provide you with a stress-free and seamless moving experience with our incredible Cincinnati packing services. Let us handle all the heavy lifting and packing to ensure that your items are properly protected and to reduce the possibility of damages during relocation. 

Your possessions will be carefully loaded into the moving vehicle and delivered to your new address, where our Cincinnati movers will unpack everything in the comfort of your new home. Not only do we pack and unpack, but we also supply all the proper materials with our Cincinnati packing supplies. Moving boxes, furniture dollies, packing peanuts, padded quilts that protect your furniture, among countless other items you might need. Relocating with our Ohio moving company has never been easier!

Hiring a Moving Company in Ohio 

Understanding what questions to ask movers is just part of the battle when it comes to relocating to a new home. Our team is here to support you during what may feel like a very stressful time. At All My Sons Moving & Storage we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our moving company and services. Contact us today to speak with a trusted moving consultant and receive a free moving quote! 

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