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A suburb of Cincinnati, Dent Ohio is home to a population of 11,000 residents. Known for highly-rated schools and a safe environment to raise children, Dent continues to grow in popularity as place a place to live in Ohio. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Dent movers are the trusted professionals you can rely to move to Dent.

The City of Dent

Dent is a large city along the Ohio River and Kentucky/ Indiana borders. September, June and May are the more popular months here in Dent, while January and February tend to be colder and less favorable. Its growing love for arts and culture, entertainment and cost of living has made Dent, Ohio popular over the past few years.1

The City of Dent is the perfect place to raise a family in the safe and affordable housing we offer. Many residents enjoy strolling through the parks or taking their children out to one of the many restaurants. Here in Dent, we are known for many eateries, allowing our residents to have different options.

Restaurants galore aren’t the only thing we are known for here in Dent. Our school system offers children a fun and safe learning environment. In fact, many families decide to move to Dent because of the highly rated schools in the city.

There are a number of ways Dent can benefit your life when you move to our city. The Dent movers know this for fact and want you to visit and explore what our city can offer you. Whether that be a job opportunity, vacation, or a place to call home.

Dent Moving Services

Our full-service movers in Dent are here to accommodate your moving needs. Offering affordable moving services for all families. Our expert movers will take care of you from the very beginning to the very end. Not only will our Dent movers plan, organize, and do all the labor-intensive work but we also do all the packing and unpacking. With our Cincinnati packing service our expert movers will make sure all of your belongings get safely packed away. Once we arrive in the new home, we will unpack and assemble any furniture you may need. Before the actual moving day, our movers in Dent do offer a Cincinnati packing supplies such as moving boxes, padded quilts, bubble wrap, tape, and more for our clients to use upon request.

Every one of our Dent movers has undergone a thorough background check to ensure they are licensed and secured to handle your most valuable items. If you would like to know more about Cincinnati movers and benefits we offer here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, contact us for a free, no-obligation moving quote.


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