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How to Move Safely to Cincinnati

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Planning a move to Cincinnati? We think that’s great! As you’re arranging plans to move to the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, you may be focused on updating your address on important documents, closing on the new home, contacting your Internet provider to schedule an installation – the list goes on. However, if your relocation plans also involve DIY moving, there are specifics you should consider to ensure you’ll have a safe move. Our Cincinnati local movers go into further detail on how to move safely to Cincinnati.


Get Some Shut-Eye

First things first, to move to Cincinnati safely you need to get your rest. Of course, you may want to stay up the night before to get in some last-minute packing, but you’ll pay the price of overnight packing the next day. Lack of sleep can lead to a world of trouble on moving day since you’ll experience lack of balance and coordination as well as drowsiness during the day,[1] which can lead to a vehicular accident if you’re driving the moving truck or you can drop a heavy box or furniture and injure yourself. So, get some rest!


Dress the Part

Given that relocating requires a large amount of physical activity, you must wear appropriate clothing if you want to know how to move safely to Cincinnati. Avoid wearing flipflops or any other open-toed shoes because they’re not ideal for balance, nor do they protect your feet in case you drop a heavy box. Safer alternatives include construction boots and tennis shoes. For clothing, refrain from wearing anything oversized or too loose since the material can catch on sharp edges as you’re lugging heavy boxes. Instead, wear snug clothing that still allows flexibility like a t-shirt and leggings or sweatpants.


Don’t Exceed Packing Limit

Just because you’re able to pack a box to the brim doesn’t mean you should. Different sized boxes are designed to hold a maximum weight and surpassing that weight can put you at risk of straining your back and other injuries. All you need to do is follow the basic rule of packing boxes: for a small box, do not exceed 50 pounds; a medium box, 65 pounds; a large box, 70 pounds. For extra-large boxes, don’t stuff them with heavy items, so as an alternative, pack comforters, bed linens, and pillows.


Eat a Well-Balanced Meal and Stay Hydrated

Alright, if you’re in a rush to move to Cincinnati, you may think doing this will just slow you down. However, our expert movers suggest eating well and staying hydrated to help you move safely to Cincinnati. Getting in a healthy meal at the start of the day will keep your energy levels high throughout the day. Skipping on food for moving day can lead to a sharp decline in energy levels as you haul heavy boxes and furniture into the moving truck, which puts you at further risk of injury. Additionally, stay hydrated to avoid dehydration as you exert your body while moving. Always keep a bottle of water close by to ensure you stay hydrated during the day.


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