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Why is My Total Cost Different from My Estimate?

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Ohio

You’ve packed, loaded, and transported your entire house-worth of belongings to your new home. Now that you’ve arrived, you get the bill—but wait, it’s different from what you were expecting. Is this some kind of mistake? It’s possible, but, chances are, there was some kind of change or other condition that resulted in a change to your bill. Now, this could be a good thing or a not-so-good thing; sometimes the bill will be lower, sometimes it may be a bit higher than expected. So, why is the final bill different from what you were quoted?

Maybe There Was a Change of Destination

If there was a change of destination, the difference in time and fuel could make the final bill higher or lower. When your Cincinnati movers put together your quote, they account for total mileage, the estimated time of travel and the costs of fuel; when the destination changes, so much these factors as well, which will reflect on your bill.

Time of Year or Change of Date

A change of your moving date or time could result in a significant difference in your charges. For example, if you were initially going to move in January (the quietest time of year for movers in Cincinnati), but you instead decide to change the move to July (peak time of year), your costs will change to reflect the volume of business and difficulty of accommodation. Just the same, for some movers, a change of date or time can result in its own fees.

A Change of Contents

Perhaps before you loaded the truck, you had to make a change in what was going into the truck. A change in what you’re moving could very well make a major difference in your final bill. If you took away a few delicate items that require special handling, your costs could also drop quite a bit, and the contrary is also true. In just about any case, a change in contents could result in a higher final bill, especially if work has already begun.

A Change in Insurance

Say that, at first, you decided to only go with the standard insurance coverage for your move, which should already be included in your estimated price, but you change your mind and choose to get better protection for your move. If you decide to get a higher value insurance, your final bill will itself increase in reflection of the insurance premium.


For the most part, these costs can be avoided by planning ahead. Don’t be afraid to ask your Cincinnati moving company any questions you may have. We’re not only here to help you move, we’re here to make your move efficient and easy with a cost that fits your needs! All My Sons Moving & Storage is the best residential moving company in Cincinnati—you can count on us to get your move done and done right so you can be happy in your new home! Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation custom moving quote at (513) 657-4077!