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Packing Glass and Dishware for Your Move

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Ohio

Moving day is quick-approaching and you’ve got just about everything you need—but then, BOOM! You realize you have no idea what you’re going to do about the dishes! You may start to think “forget the dishes, I don’t need them! I’ll just go out to eat every day!” Now, don’t get it wrong, Cincinnati has plenty of great places to grab some chow, but what about when you just feel like loafing around? What about the couch potato days? Then you start to think, “I can’t go without my dishes! How am I supposed to move to Cincinnati without my dishes!?” You’re not expected to move without your dishes. Don’t fret, you can get those dishes packed and moved without breaking a sweat! Inquire further by reading below.

One way you can get those glasses and dishware moved is by obtaining packing services in Cincinnati. That’s right, you can hire movers to pack your fragile glasses and dishes for you. We at All My Sons Moving & Storage of Cincinnati can do what you need to have done for the big day.

If you’d rather spare the expense of a packing service, no worries, you can do it yourself. But keep in-mind, it may cost just as much if you buy all the supplies yourself and it may even spare you some headache and aggravation too. But if you do choose to forgo the service here’s what you’ll need:

•Boxes or containers that can fit your dishes and glassware comfortably.

•Partition Kit (for glassware)

•Packing tape

•Foam sheets and/or bubble wrap

•Newsprint (newspapers) and/or packing paper

•Permanent Marker


•Ready your plates, bowls, and other dishes.

•Ready the box(es) in which you’re going to pack them.

•Lay out your first foam sheet

•Place your first plate atop the sheet

•Place another foam sheet atop the plate

•Keep stacking your plates with a foam sheet in-between each other until you’ve finished with your plates.

•Bubble-Wrap the stack of plates

•Place your stack of plates into the box

•Repeat this process with bowls and other matching dishes.

•If there is empty space in the box(es), fill it with packing paper and/or newsprint to ensure safety of your dishware.

•Close the box, tape it up, and label it!

GLASSWARE (Non-Stemmed)

•Ready your glassware —yes, porcelain mugs count too!

Ready the box into which you’re packing your glassware.

Place your partition in the box

Lay out a sheet of packing paper or newsprint

Stand one glass atop the sheet

Fill the main cavity (where you would normally pour your drink) with a wad of paper

Fold the ends of the paper into the main cavity and wrap your glass with the paper.

•Get a second sheet of paper, and roll and wrap your glass in that as well.

•Place the glass into a partition in your box.

•Repeat until all your glassware is packed!

Fill any empty space with packing paper/newsprint

Close the box, tape it up, and label it!



•Ready your stemmed wine glasses, champagne flutes, goblets, etc.

•Ready your box into which you’re packing the glassware.

•Place your partition in the box.

•Lay out a sheet of bubble wrap

•Wrap the stem in packing paper/newsprint

•Fill the main cavity with packing paper/newsprint

•Wrap the glass in the bubble wrap at least one time around or until the entire glass is covered with bubble wrap

•Place the glass into a partition in the box

•Repeat until all your glassware is accounted for.

•Fill any empty space with packing paper/newsprint. Close the box, tape it up, and label it!


Again, if you would like to get some help and hire a packing service in Cincinnati, give All My Sons Moving & Storage a call. You can get a free quote, so you’ve got nothing to lose! Our professional packers will pack your fragile glass and dishware with care, efficiency, and speed. We’re the best around, so don’t you hesitate, call us at 513-657-4077!