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How To Organize Your Attic

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We at All My Sons Moving & Storage understand that you may use your attic as an extra storage space. We also know that your extra storage space can become rather cluttered—but it doesn’t have to! Surely, after you’ve finally made the move to Cincinnati, you’d like to feel comfortable in knowing that everything is organized and just how it should be: peaceful. You don’t want to feel like there’s clutter, so don’t let there be any clutter! So, let’s get that attic of yours straightened out!

First, you’ll want to sort through all the belongings you’re storing in the attic. You should have an idea of what you’ve got up there and how certain items fit together. You can sort them all into separate categories. Categorizing some things by seasonal use and adding subcategories when necessary could work well; you could have a section for “Summer Items” and a subcategory for “Summer Outdoors Fun Stuff.”

Along with the sorting process, you must get rid of all the junk! What constitutes junk? Really, it’s in the eye of the beholder, but you should really ask yourself these questions:

What do I need it for?
How often will I use it?
Can I live without it?
If I need another one, can it be replaced?

The hardest part is being honest with yourself in this process. If what you need it for is not very important and you don’t really need it that often, you should consider getting rid of it. If you absolutely can’t live without it, then perhaps you should keep it. If it can’t be sufficiently replaced, maybe hold onto it for awhile or consider selling it if it’s valuable but not a very significant item in your life.

A great organization tip would be investing in plastic bins—unlike cardboard boxes, they are not easily susceptible to the elements. They offer great protection from the 3 M’s: moisture, mold, and mildew.

Other great options for attic organization would be to use hanging rods for seasonal clothing; storage carts with drawers are great for arts, crafts, and hobby items; metal shelving can be used for practically anything and it can be fairly expensive.

No matter what you do, when you organize anything, you should be sure to properly label it, even if the bins are clear or the items are otherwise in plain sight.

How better to complete your move to Cincinnati than with the peace of mind you get from organization and perfect order? Follow these tips, and you’ll be as cool as a cucumber!