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Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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Moving is not always the simplest list of tasks. People tend to make the process a bit more complicated than it needs to be, bringing added difficulties to their move to Cincinnati. There are some honest mistakes anyone can make when it comes to their move. Here are some common moving mistakes, and tips to avoid these slip ups.

Not Allowing Enough Time. This is perhaps the most common mistake that people make when moving. If you have the averages family of four or five, making a proper move in two weeks is not going to happen. It may not even cut it for just one person in a one-bedroom apartment! What you should do is start the moving process as soon as you know you’re moving!

This includes getting the kids into a daycare or afterschool program, hiring a sitter for the pets, booking a team of Cincinnati residential movers, enlisting the help of friends and family to get other affairs in order, and actually preparing for the move.

Not Keeping a Schedule. Creating a schedule should offer structure to your move and, in effect, compartmentalize certain tasks for certain days. With each day, you should have a list of tasks to complete, from shut-off and turn-on dates for utilities and other home services to load-up and moving day to unpacking and arranging your furniture.

Being Unorganized. Surely, you have neither the time nor the patience to be unorganized. What you should do in preparation for your move is go room-by-room and both organize and categorize each item. Getting organized will cut down greatly on time and stress. If need be, you can always get some help with professional packing services in Cincinnati.

Forgetting About the Utilities and Services. As we briefly touched on in the second point, you’ll want to schedule your shut-off and turn-on dates for your utilities. You’re going to want the lights on in your new place by moving day, but off in your old home by the day following your move out. Be sure not to forget your utilities or other services! Water, electric, garbage, newspaper delivery, and other services may be included in your list, save yourself the headache and remember them!

Missing Measurements. Oftentimes, people tend to eyeball the measurements of certain items—from a small vase to the entertainment center to the sofa. Whatever you do, do not trust eyeball measurements! The proper measurements will ensure that your Cincinnati movers will have the right amount of room and assistance to complete your move. If your measurements are off, this could drastically change your costs. You could need a second moving truck or another storage facility, or the last-second changes could result in extra penalty fees for breaching your moving agreement, even though you may not have had that intention. Make sure you get a tape measure and take down each dimension of your boxes, furniture, and large items.