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What Happens to My Belongings if They Stay in Storage Too Long?

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Ohio

Auctioneers calling out for the sale of your belongings might be a fear of yours if your items stay in storage for too long. Do not worry, though. Storage units and facilities do not want to sell your stuff; it is a hassle for them and a heartache for you. This is true especially when you are a paying customer.

During your move to Cincinnati, things happen. Maybe the sale of your new home is delayed, or you have to push your move back a few weeks due to an emergency. Maybe you just are not sure about committing to a move, but your belongings are already in Cincinnati and you need storage.

Our team understands; however, life happens. To help, our Cincinnati movers want to share a few things to expect when your belongings in storage outstay their intended welcome.

How Much is a Storage Unit?

The price of a storage unit varies from company to company. All My Sons Moving & Storage offers our customers affordable storage options for long-term and short-term rentals. We also offer:

● Modern warehouse facility

● Sanitized private vaults

● Reliable in-home inventory

● Short-term or long-term storage options

● Secured and alarmed

● Sprinkler system

● Warehouse manager on location

● Computerized tracking of storage lots

● Palletized and containerized storage


What Happens to My Belongings if They Stay in Storage Too Long?

Your facility will contact you.

This is probably obvious. If your belongings stay in the storage unit for longer than what you have paid for, the company will contact you. After the period of 30 days in which you can go without paying, the facility will reach out to see what you are up to.

This is the point where many people fear their great-aunt’s antique clock will be auctioned off in some kind of moving nightmare. This is a misconception, though. Your storage unit will contact you for payment for the amount of time your belongings were stored which you did not anticipate and therefore, did not pay for. This leads to the next part of the longer-than-expected storage process in your move to Cincinnati.


Your facility will charge you for the extra time.

Since your stuff has already been in a storage unit for a while, you know they can be rather pricey. Averaging at about $220 per month, putting your belongings in storage is no free day at the park. Depending on the amount of time initially paid for and the extra time used, your facility will charge you accordingly. This may come as a blow to some, but little else can be done if your things are already in storage longer than expected. It will all be worth it when you get your furniture back and can decorate your new house to make it your cozy new home.


You will have to check up on your belongings.

If you are in the area, your residential movers in Cincinnati recommend checking up on your locked-up items to make sure everything is in attendance and intact. Storage units are foolproof for the most part, but it is always best to be safe than sorry. During your move to Cincinnati, your belongings should be in a storage unit with a proper lock. Since you are already worried about your things being in the facility for too long, it will help to assuage your mind by visiting the unit to get a glimpse at your items.


Most of all, do not worry! Moving has enough stress of its own to add storage units to that list. Storage units are supposed to help you, not hurt you. Once you are ready to get on with your move to Cincinnati, contact your Cincinnati local movers who will help you free your locked-up belongings and get a move on.