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Why You Should Move to the Midwest

The Midwest is a friendly part of the United States. If you want to want to move to a place that has small communities and towns, lots of open farmland, and cultural diversity, then the Midwest is the place for you! Are you thinking about making a change from a busy city to something a little quieter? Nothing says change like a new town! Here are some reasons why you should consider moving to the Midwest from our St. Louis local movers.

Reasons to Move to the Midwest

The Midwest is very different than living in the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are ready to slow things down a bit or are thinking of starting a family, moving to the Midwest is the perfect idea and here is why:

1. The cost of living in the Midwest is lower than other areas of the country
Compared to living on the coast or in the city, Midwest towns offer affordable living and housing options for their residents. When looking for affordable housing in the US, most of the states you will come across are in the Midwest.

2. There are a lot of lakes
Do you enjoy being out on the water? The Midwest is full of lakes meaning that it is the perfect place for outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, and boating. Plan out the perfect summer when moving to the Midwest by taking trips to Lake Erie, Lake Huron, or even Lake Michigan! Living on a lake in the Midwest is also a great alternative to coastal living.

3. There are good schools in the Midwest
No matter the age of your kids, you will be sure to find a good school for them to attend in the Midwest. If you have a high school aged child getting ready to go to college, encourage them to think about moving to the Midwest for school as it houses some of the best colleges. Options include the University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, and the University of Michigan.

4. People in the Midwest are very friendly
When moving to the Midwest, you will find that the people you meet are incredibly warm and inviting. The Midwest has a reputation for having the friendliest people and most Midwesterners believe this is because they are less stressed.

5. The summers in the Midwest are beautiful
Our St. Louis residential movers know that the summer is the dreaded time of the year in areas like The South because of the heat. When moving to the Midwest you will find that the summer is a lot more tolerable. Summer to Midwesterners is a time to soak up the sun lakeside and enjoy the beauty of the Midwest with friends and family.

When you have decided that you are finally moving to the Midwest, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our St. Louis movers know that you will love living in the Midwest and that we can make your move the best yet!