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Why You Should Move to St. Louis

When websites like Forbes, LA Weekly, and The Huffington Post are ranting and raving about something, you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that there is a reason why. St. Louis, Missouri is not something that one would typically think would get all of said attention, when in fact, it is. The people writing the articles don’t have a single negative thing to say, other than when they’re mentioning how other people perceive St. Louis.

It is no secret that living in St. Louis is affordable. The median list price of a home in St. Louis is $127,200. Compared to other parts of the country, that is an incredible steal. Having a nice home that is in the 100,000’s means that you can spend the rest of your income not stressing about how you are going to make that mortgage payment. Less stressing equals more happiness, and being able to enjoy the small things in life. And not only is it affordable to live there, but there are tons and tons of jobs, many of which come from leading employers like MasterCard, Nestle-Purina, and many more.  With 21 Fortune 1000 companies located in St. Louis, there is no shortage of steady careers that will last a lifetime.

On top of being an extremely affordable place to live, and having a plethora of job opportunities, there is a very strong public school system. The cities of Clayton and Ladue have two of the finest and well-funded school systems in the nation, on top of high ranking private schools, and leading colleges that are ranked in the top 10 nationally. That is a lot of outstanding education, and how can you go wrong with that? You can’t.

When you think of St. Louis, you probably think of Midwestern U.S. with a lot of wheat and corn. Well, that is not the case. There is an extremely rich culture with diverse cuisine and access to the arts. In St. Louis, access to the arts is not treated as a privilege, it is treated as right. With free access to countless museums, and even the zoo, St. Louisans can become well rounded citizens for free. It doesn’t get much better than that.

And not only is there something for Mom, Dad, and the Kids, but St. Louis has an extremely large population of post-graduate young people that are living their lives. This means that there is an active night life for all those singles out there. There is literally something for everybody.

Next time you think about the Midwest, think more about the endless possibilities, and less about the rolling fields of corn and wheat. There is more to St. Louis than more people think, and it is an incredible city for people to live in. Family, no family, just graduated, no matter where you are in your life, you can find your niche in St. Louis.