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Essential Items to Have When You Move Out

Moving out is a complex process that requires significant planning in order to go smoothly. Not sure how to plan for your upcoming move? No problem! We’ve got some expert tips to help you move out with ease and be ready to move on to your next St. Louis home. Moving out of your existing residence requires a significant amount of elbow grease—read on for our tips on making the process as enjoyable possible.

Get the right tools together. Depending on the specific items in your home, you will need certain items to successfully move out. A tool set is a good place to start, because items like a screwdriver will be handy for replacing batteries in smoke alarms, tightening doorknobs, and other tasks around the house. Just make sure that you have the basics – hammer, nails, screws, screwdriver, pliers and wrench. You will need to use them at your new place anyway so having them in advance will make setting up your new living place easier.

Have a first aid kit handy. When doing work around the house, you are susceptible to injuries. Accidents happen, sometimes during unloading the truck, sometimes on other occasions like fixing a problem at the house, so such a set would be very useful then. Include in your first aid kit several adhesive bandages, tweezers, antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide, gauze and medical tape. Of course, you can add more items if you decide that they may come handy.

Cleaning products are essential when you move out. Part of your responsibilities upon moving out is to clean the premises and leave it as you found it. Take the necessary products to clean glass like windows and glass tables, tiles in the bathroom, leather and upholstery, etc. This is one of the essentials for moving house which will save you lots of effort and time to go shopping when you need your time to do other things.

Plaster of Paris, paint and sandpaper are also good to keep on hand if you painted the walls or used thick screws to hang things.  These items will make it easy to patch holes and repair nicks in the wall to leave them in the condition that you found them.
Moving in St. Louis can be a tiring task, but once you get the move out process taken care of, you can focus on what’s next to come in your new home! Best of luck to you on your upcoming move, see you soon in St. Louis!