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Creative Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles in Your Home

Moving into a new home can be stressful – that is, until your St. Louis movers finish moving you and your family in and you finally get to throw your first dinner party! Having all of your new neighbors over to your new St. Louis home is, without a doubt, a celebratory night – one marked with copious amounts of delicious food, great company, and flowing beverages. Once the party is done, hold off on throwing out those empty wine bottles. Instead, put them aside and save them for later for these DIY projects that will make you wonder why you have not been repurposing your old wine bottles sooner!

  1. Repair Bottle. Does your new St. Louis home have a stone-patio? Well, chances are that you will need spare stone dust in order to fill-in the empty joints in-between the flagstones on your patio, terrace or walkway. St. Louis movers suggest that you make this an easier task by putting spare stone dust in an empty wine bottle, and keep it in a convenient location for the next time you need to make a quick repair.
  2. Keep Candles Lit. Everyone has had that one incredibly annoying experience with an inconvenient draft that just does not seem to stop raining on your parade. Whether it be for a summer barbecue, outdoor dinner or a night spent roasting s’mores around your fire pit. Never have to deal with this problem again, by removing the bottom of a used wine bottle. Then, place it over a tea light and you have yourself a DIY way to block candles from drafts. You can also decorate the wine bottle so that the candle light shines through in a more decorative way.
  3. Wall Shelves. Having trouble spacing out those wall shelves just the right amount, and you didn’t let your local full-service St. Louis mover help you assemble your furniture? In order to hang wall shelves about a foot apart from each other, use a wine bottle as a spacer. Just place a bottle on a shelf, then put two bottles that are the same height, close to the ends. Then, put the top shelf on top of the two wine bottles, and mark the location that it hits. Remove the bottles and hang your shelves - for perfectly spaced shelves, every time!
  4. Smooth Wallpaper.  If you plan on putting up wallpaper in your new St. Louis home, then you will want to make sure that you get all of the kinks out before putting it up. Use an empty wine bottle in order to smooth it flat, and reverse-roll your wallpaper before hanging it up - you will be amazed at how much easier it will make the task.
  5. Garden Path. Do you have more empty wine bottles than you know what to do with? For a unique garden path edge, create an 8-inch deep trench and put the bottles in neck-first. The exposed bottoms of the bottles will shine in the sun and create a beautiful outline for your new St. Louis garden bed.