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Types Of Moving Insurance

Getting ready to move and want to make sure that your things are protected in case there's any damage? Our St. Louis local movers can teach you about the different types of moving insurance. We understand the importance of wanting to make sure that your belongings make the move safely. Trust our professional St. Louis Residential movers and our St. Louis packing services to help you prepare your items for safe transport during your next move. 


Though All My Sons Moving & Storage is an insured mover, it is still always better to purchase moving insurance, just in case. This way, you know that your belongings are covered for their full value.


There are three types of moving insurance that you should be aware of: basic carrier liability, declared value protection, and full replacement liability,


What is Moving Insurance?

Moving insurance is insurance that covers your belongings in the chance that damage or something else should happen to them during transit. As mentioned, most moving services offer insurance, but it usually only covers $.30 to $0.60 per pound. This rate is also different depending on the state or distance that you're moving. This small coverage rate means that there is a large gap in coverage for your items and, not all types of moving insurance offered by moving companies cover the replacement of the item that was damaged.


Basic Carrier Liability

This is the lowest coverage available for moving insurance. You can guarantee that all licensed moving companies will have basic carrier liability insurance included in their standard moving fee. Basic carrier liability insurance is the least amount of liability that needs to be provided to you, with no charge. This is required by law.


This type of insurance doesn't offer full coverage of items that may be damaged during a move. Its coverage limit is usually $0.30 to $0.60 per pound per article, and can vary from state to state. 


Declared Value Protection

This is a middle of the road type of moving insurance. It is a little better than basic carrier liability because the amount that will be paid out to you, should something happen to your items, is based on the depreciated value of the item. Before you move, you will be asked to declare a dollar amount on all the items you're moving. This will allow the insurance company to have a record of how much your things cost. There will also be an additional charge of $1.25 X the weight of your things.


This type of moving insurance is great for getting as close as you can to full coverage without having to spend as much out of pocket for full replacement liability insurance.


Full Replacement Liability 

This is also known as comprehensive insurance. It is the most inclusive type of liability and will grant you the full cash value of anything that gets lost or damaged during your move. This type of insurance isn't always necessary, unless you are moving very expensive things, as this is the most expensive insurance option. 


With full replacement liability insurance, the mover is responsible for the first part of the coverage at up to $0.60 per pound per article. Any amount above that, is the responsibility of the insurance company. This insurance also comes with a deductible, which will be your responsibility, in case of repairs or loss.


Contact us today to learn more about moving insurance and to schedule your next move! At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we have more than 20 years of experience under our belt, so you can trust us with all your moving needs. Our professional movers will take care of your belongings as if they were our own.