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Top 10 Cities to Live in Missouri

St. Louis is the heart of Missouri, developed along the western bank of the Mississippi River, which serves as the border with Illinois. In 2013, this capital city of Missouri was estimated to have a population of 318, 416, earning it the 58th spot among the most-populated cities in the United States, the second-largest city in terms of city proper population, the most populated city in Missouri, and one of the largest cities in the entire U.S. However, some of the best cities in Missouri can be found just outside of the densely populated capital.

In 2014, the following ten cities were ranked the “10 Best Places in Missouri” by Movoto.com, based off of factors such as: cost of living, crime rate, high school diploma attainment, median household income, median home value, median rental price, and unemployment rate. St. Louis movers want potential residents to love Missouri, so check out the cities and neighborhoods on Movoto’s list and let us take care of your move whenever you are ready.

1)      Glendale – housing less than 6,000 residents, Glendale is the number one city in Missouri in terms of ideal living. 98 percent of Glendale residents have at least a high school diploma, and they share the luxury of a high employment rate.

2)      Town and Country – this city is no stranger to the PGA Tour and US Open, and enjoys the second-median income in the state, with $137,400 on average per household.

3)      Ladue – this city houses roughly 9,000 residents and ranked number one with Movoto in three categories: income, home value, and rent price. Ladue also tied with Glendale for first in high school graduation rate.

4)      Wildwood – for a six-figure household income, Wildwood is the city to live in. The city also is home to a wealth of state parks, reserves, and trails to suit those of the outdoorsy nature.

5)      Chesterfield – the largest city on the list with 47,684 residents back in 2010, Chesterfield is the city in Missouri that is experiencing rapid expansion and growth in terms of education, household income, and decreasing unemployment rate; it is also one of the less costly places to live on this list.

6)      Creve Coeur – this city ranks 10th on this list for median household income, standing at $94,852 – still a great city in terms of income.

7)      Darenne Prairie – won the “safest” city on Movoto’s list, with only eight crimes per every 1,000 residents. It also has a median home price of $269,900, making it extremely affordable for families who are looking for a safe neighborhood to raise their children in.

8)      Clayton – according to the rankings, Clayton ranked number two in terms of crime, but it is questioned whether or not this number comes as a result of Clayton’s rich art presence.

9)      Ballwin – perhaps one of the cheapest places to rent on the list, Ballwin has a median rent price of $908 per month.

10)   Manchester – this city has the lowest cost of living on this list of ten cities, a 96 percent graduation rate, and unemployment around three percent. As great as that may sound, the cost of living being so low, may be due to the fact that the city also has the lowest median household income on the list, with incomes around $71,071. The low income most likely also correlates with the low median home price of $212,100.