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Lockdown a New Job: Guide to the Best Networking Events in St. Louis

Regardless of whether or not you are using your St. Louis movers to relocate for a job, or if you just need a change of pace, you will have plenty of networking opportunities.

Since St. Louis is now a hot spot for millennials to relocate to, it comes as no surprise that they have no shortage of networking events. By getting involved in these events, you get the opportunity to meet local professionals, create a network after you just used your St. Louis moving company, and to get an inside peak into the local market.

If you are starting a new job or are still on the prowl, then make sure to check out this guide to the best networking events in St. Louis to help lockdown a job.

St. Louis Networking Geniuses. This networking group is perfect for anyone who is brand new to town and still has their St. Louis movers at home unpacking their belongings. Held at Duffy’s Bar and Restaurant on the first Tuesday of each month, these lunch meetings are a great introduction into the professional world of St. Louis.

StartLouis. Dedicated to bringing together St. Louis startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone else with a startup, StartLouis’ monthly meetings attract at least 70 attendees. These meetings have plenty of time to network with the locals, so that you can either get a head start on the inside scoop of your industry in St. Louis, or of finding a connection that can help you find a new job. These meetings are free, so you do not have to worry about committing to a group so soon after your St. Louis movers have pulled away from your driveway.

Fore Business. Do you consider yourself an avid golfer? Then this is the networking event you have been waiting for your whole life; Fore Business connects important contacts and builds business relationships while bonding over a round of golf. Their monthly networking meeting includes lunch, mentoring, golf lessons from a PGA pro, and nine holes on the course at The Highlands in Forest Park. Even though you will probably want to save some money after using your St. Louis moving company, these meetings are only $39 and well worth the price.

St. Louis Young Professionals. For the younger generations who are using your St. Louis movers, this group is geared towards networking in a fun way. Prepare to make connections while in the middle of a game of darts, while scaling a mountain, or while on a bar crawl. St. Louis Young Professionals is one of the more laid back networking groups in the area, but that does not mean they still don’t get the business done!