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St. Louis Must-See Venues for Summer

If you are moving to St. Louis over the summer, you have a lot to look forward to! Whether you are a single professional or a young family, there is plenty to do over the next couple of months. You may not know where to begin, so read up on the many activities that St. Louis movers has listed as ‘St. Louis Must-See Venues for Summer’.

1.       Experience the Gateway Arch – Standing 630 feet in the air at the highest point, this iconic structure is a must-see for anyone who has just moved to St. Louis, Missouri. If you are willing, buy a ticket to journey to the top of the arch in a motorized tram and take in a breath-taking view of your new city.

2.       Eat like a local – Pork steaks are a well-known and popular St. Louis entrée. St. Louis movers suggest pairing the pork shoulder with Maull’s Barbecue Sauce, as a pork steak would not be complete without St. Louis’ most popular condiment.

3.       Catch a ride on the riverboat – Cruise the Mississippi River in a replica riverboat, while learning about early settlers moving to St. Louis, Missouri and working on the extensive waterway. Dinner cruises are popular with guests; as they include music from live local banjo bands.

4.       Watch a movie in the park – Frontyard Features offers free movies in several parks across St. Louis during the summer months. St. Louis movers suggest taking a large blanket and heading to Lafayette Square, where you can sprawl out and enjoy a classic.

5.       Check out the local Farmer’s Market - After moving to St. Louis, you will quickly find out that Farmer’s Markets are extremely popular in this beautiful city during the summer months. St. Louisans enjoy the outdoor markets because they can stock up on summer fruits and vegetables while taking in the warm summer air they have been missing all winter. Chances are you’ll even make a friend or two while exploring the markets, which is a huge plus when you have moved to a new city and don’t know anyone.

6.       Sign up for a summer sport – Warm weather gets St. Louis kids and adults excited to play ball. Whether it’s softball, football or kickball, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the local park.

7.       Hit the Citygarden Fountains – Located in downtown, St. Louis, these fountains are programmed to create everything from calming waterfalls to lively sprigs of water that are almost dance-like. The fountains were designed for both children and adults’ entertainment and to lure visitors to meander through the unpredictable spray plaza.

8.       Visit the St. Louis Zoo – There is something for everyone to discover in this 90-acre park. Since its opening in 1910, The St. Louis Zoo has been teaching visitors the importance of wildlife recovery and conservation, while allowing them to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most magnificent creatures.   

9.       Cool off with a tasty treat – No summer in St. Louis is complete without a cup of Ted Drewes frozen custard. Ted Drewes has been serving St. Louis for over 80 years, making this popular dessert hard to beat, especially in the warm summer months.