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Cities That You Can Rent In, on a Budget

Need a change of scenery? Looking to move for a new job opportunity? Desperate to move out of your mother’s basement? All My Sons Moving & Storage can ensure that you make the transition as smoothly as possible. But how do you know what cities have the cheapest places to rent? Have no fear, not only are there plenty of affordable rentals here in St. Louis, we can also cover all of your potential questions.  

  1. Wichita, Kansas. Also known as the home state to Dorothy and Toto, Kansas is now also home to one of the most affordable renting situations in the nation. Did you know that you can find a one bedroom apartment for a mere $470 a month? Considering Wichita has 250 days of sunshine a year, our guess is that you won’t be spending that much time in your new apartment anyways.
  2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Coming in second, with an average monthly rental price of $490, Oklahoma City does a mighty good job of persuading us to move there. Not only that, but the mayor challenged his one million constituents to lose a collective one million pounds. Ridiculously affordable renting AND motivation to work out? Say no more…we are sold…or rented.
  3. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Oklahoma takes another win in the affordable rentals department, with apartments as low as $520 a month. With all of the money you will be saving on rent, you will be able to spend it on Tulsa’s All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Amusement Park and Oktoberfest…the largest in the world outside of Germany!
  4. Knoxville, Tennessee. If you are looking to take a break from the city and get a breath of fresh air, with nature and the woods, then look no more. At $560 a month you can get a rental in the woods that guarantees to give you some peace and quiet.
  5. Dayton, Ohio. With plenty of inspiration for innovation, including the creation of the first movie projector and where the Wright Brothers designed their first airplane, Dayton proves to be a great city when it comes to living, as opposed to the other option in your mom’s basement. With affordable renting for only $570 a month, you will wonder why you didn’t move to the Birthplace of Aviation sooner.

Still not sure which place to move to because you are unsure of your expenses? Calculating how far your salary will take you will definitely help narrow down the decision with more financial clarity. Websites like salary.com and monster.com have calculators that allow you to figure out exactly what the salary range is for your career in any city in The United States.  If you want to go get a leg up in the game, CNN Money has a cost of living calculator that tells you how much you will need to earn in the new city in order to support yourself.

Whether it be Wichita, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Knoxville, or Dayton, moving from St. Louis to any of these cities, comes with the promise of not breaking the bank. If you will be moving, All My Sons of St. Louis can help package, load, store, and unload all of your belongings so that you never have to lift a finger and you can go shopping with all of that money you will be saving!