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Keep Sane While Remodeling in Your New Home

Remodeling your home can be a very exciting time. You will finally have a room designed exactly the way you want it or perhaps you are creating more space in your home. Whatever your reasoning, remodeling is both a wonderful and stressful time. Local Ballwin movers know that it is very easy to become overwhelmed when your home is literally in pieces. So how do you keep calm during your home remodeling? The Ballwin movers have put together a list of tasks that should help alleviate some of the stress caused:

1. Before work begins on your home, clear out the areas where renovations will occur. Removing items from these areas will help to protect them from becoming damaged or destroyed during the renovation and will help to keep them dust free. Your goal when clearing out items should be to leave the area as bare as possible. Also, as another Ballwin movers pro tip, do not place too much emphasis on where in your home the items will fit. Chances are that those items were in that area of the home for a reason and will not fit elsewhere. It is recommended to move all items you do not need immediately to a Ballwin storage unit. This will keep the items out of harm’s way. We suggest storing furniture and other large items in Ballwin storage to maximize the space you have left in your home.

For items that will remain home, make sure to keep them covered always. Large or heavy pieces of furniture that need to stay in the renovation area can be covered with a large tarp or thick plastic to protect them against the conditions in the room.

To prevent the rest of your home from appearing as if a dust storm just blew through it, try to minimize the amount of times you enter the renovation area and if necessary, place thick plastic flaps or sheeting over the door frames to keep the dust and debris from escaping. You can also place plastic tarps throughout your home to designate a path where your contractors and any of those who are entering the renovation area to follow. This will help minimize the amount of time you will need to clean your floors.

Cleaning regularly is also critical during a renovation. To avoid the dust from spreading throughout your home, make sure to sweep or vacuum the area surrounding the renovation area.

5. The Ballwin movers suggest giving your home adequate air ventilation. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on fans in your home to circulate the air very well. This could instead cause more dust and debris to spread if the fan is in close range to the renovation area. However, if weather permits, it would be great to open the windows in your home and let in fresh air. Not only will this keep the dust from staying in your home, it will also help to prevent dust from getting caught in the mesh of your air filters.