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Reasons to Relocate a Business to St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, Missouri may not be the first city to pop into mind when you are thinking about a place start a business or to move your existing business. However, a vibrant business environment has started to emerge in this Midwestern city.


As our St. Louis commercial movers can attest, more and more businesses of all sizes and industries are choosing to relocate to St. Louis. Here’s why doing business in St. Louis may be the right choice for your company.


An Emerging Economy That’s Getting Stronger

“Being an entrepreneur in St. Louis right now reminds me of what it felt like to be an entrepreneur in Silicon Alley in New York in the mid-1990s. The sense of community, the momentum, the breadth of opportunity — it's really just a great place to be.” – Andrew Smith, St. Louis Regional Chamber Vice President of Entrepreneurship & Innovation1

In a recent ranking by Fit Small Business, Missouri came in 6th place for the best states to start a business.2 Considered “The Gateway to The West”, the city of St. Louis has always had a hard-working and innovative spirit. Recently, its booming economy has matched that spirit.


After a series of mergers and acquisitions in the later 1990s, the city had to grapple with the decreased presence of iconic firms like Trans-World Airlines, McDonnel Douglas, Ralston Purina, and other manufacturing corporations.3 Without the safety blanket those major employers provided, reigniting entrepreneurship became the top priority.


As a result, St. Louis has become a tech hub of its own. Working closely with the region’s highly innovative research universities and other local stakeholders, the “Gateway City” has developed and grown a diverse variety of sectors from biotech and agricultural tech to cybersecurity and defense, all the way to local small businesses.


Doing Business in St. Louis is Easier Than Ever

“The startup boom we’re experiencing now isn’t an accident. It is the direct result of more than a decade of community-building work by a number of organizations and individuals.” – Andrew Smith, St. Louis Regional Chamber Vice President of Entrepreneurship & Innovation1

There are 22 entrepreneur support organizations, 16 co-working communities, 6 maker spaces, 11 accelerators, and 19 business incubators in St. Louis.1 So, if you are planning to start or relocate a business to St. Louis, now is the time! With numerous nonprofits and local organizations focused on encouraging St. Louis economic growth, your business will be welcomed and well supported. This supportive business community can help you:

- Apply for St. Louis business grants and licenses

- Access capital and investments

- Connect with highly skilled students and talent

- Provide ongoing community building and funding opportunities


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