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11 Times St. Louis Ranked Number One

Thinking of using your St. Louis movers to relocate to the Gateway City? Do you need more motivation to inspire you to make the big move?

Well then, ask and you shall receive! After over 25 years of moving families, All My Sons St. Louis has no problem attesting to how great this Missouri city is. Prepare to have any doubts washed away regarding whether moving to St. Louis is the right decision; simply check out the 11 times St. Louis ranked number one.

1. The tales about how friendly the St. Louis locals are true; St. Louis has ranked number one “Happiest City in America” according to Jetpack City Guides.

2. St. Louis movers consistently have a steady flow of families relocating here for a reason; the city has Missouri’s top five high schools as ranked by the US News and World Report.

3. Hate waiting in line? So do St. Louis locals. Turns out St. Louis ranked number one for the shortest wait in a supermarket line among the 30 largest metropolitan areas in the USA.

4. Your piggy bank will be full quickly after using your St. Louis movers because this city has ranked as having the lowest cost of living in the United States.

5. Tired of buying countless bottles of water? Considering St. Louis won a blind taste test for the best tasting city water in America, all you will need is one refillable water bottle.

6. St. Louis ranked number one on the list of America’s “fastest-growing cities for tech jobs” according to Fortune Magazine.

7. Young adults aged 22 to 25 years old should use their St. Louis movers to relocate for the best chance of finding a job; St. Louis is consistently on the list of the 10 happiest cities for job-seeking college grads.

8. Once you use All My Sons Moving & Storage to get settled into a new home, easily convince your relatives to come visit you by letting them know that St. Louis is ranked number one “Best Large City for a Weekend Getaway.”

9. Worried your kids will get bored? Then simply take them to the St. Louis zoo for a fun-filled day; it has not only been ranked number one zoo in America, but it also holds the record for number of visitors per year.

10 St. Louis region has been named one of the most underrated destinations in the world by the Los Angeles Times.

11. Celebrate your recent move with a glass of wine because St. Louis ranked number one in America for having the best wine access laws. Cheers!