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Five Questions Your Kids May Ask About Moving to St. Louis

If your family is planning on moving to St. Louis this summer, be expecting some questions from your kids. Although summer is probably the best time of year for your family to move because it is in-between school years, you will still want to be prepared to explain the changes that your kids will face. The following are questions that your kids will likely ask about moving to St. Louis, Missouri. If they don’t ask questions,  St. Louis movers encourages parents to bring these topics up in conversation before you move, to ensure that your family is excited about this new milestone.

  1. “Where are we moving?” – This is the perfect time to explain what your new home and neighborhood looks like and the benefits of moving to St. Louis. Tell your kids about all of the wonderful things available in their new exciting city, especially things they can relate to like parks, zoos and sports.
  2. “Why are we moving to St. Louis?” – This is a typical question any child would ask if your family is planning a move. Make sure you make it clear why your family is moving and explain. Make the reason positive and make it sound exciting. For example, if you are moving because you or your spouse got a new job, explain how excited you are about the job and how it will benefit the family and how it will benefit your child individually. Regardless of the reason for your move to St. Louis, always make sure the child knows that nothing within the family will change, just the environment around you.
  3. “Am I going to go to a different school?” – This may be one of the more difficult questions to answer because kids may become nervous about the unfamiliar environment of a new school. Try your best to explain that going to a different school can be exciting, and point out the things their new school offers that their previous one didn’t. Also, put emphasis on the fact that they will be able to make new friends and experience different things; they can also visit their old friends if they wish.
  4. “What about my friends?” – Your children may be afraid they will lose their friendships with others when they move to St. Louis. Reassure them there are plenty of ways to stay in communication with their friends using today’s technology and tell them you will plan a visit for them. You will also want to stay positive by explaining how they will meet new friends that they will have just as much fun with. St. Louis movers also suggest possibly allowing your child to have a sleepover before you move, in order to give him or her a chance to say goodbye to their friends and spend time together before the big move.
  5. “What about our pets?” -  If you have pets, moving is not the time to give them up. You want the family to stay as familiar as possible, while everything else around you is changing. Your kids see your pets as family and will want to have them close in their first couple months of moving to St. Louis.