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How to Prepare Your Kids to Move to Ballwin

It is normal to feel stress when moving. As an adult, you are familiar in regards to coping with change and dealing with stress. Unfortunately, children handle these situations differently. Younger children may be wondering about what is happening now, and what will happen after you move to Ballwin. In order to help prepare your kids for a move, Ballwin movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have several steps for you to follow to make this a smooth transition for everyone.

Breaking the News
Put yourself into your children’s shoes, and try to imagine how they would feel if their toys, stuffed animals, and all their furniture was being put into boxes without them knowing why. As soon as you know that you are going to move and have established a moving date, explain to the children that you will soon be living in a new home. Allow them to speak freely on the matter, and show care and understanding just in case they are hesitant to acceptance.

Stick to Routine
During the packing process, Ballwin movers suggest sticking to a regular routine that your kids are used to. As more household items are put away in boxes, things will start to look unfamiliar for young children, so let them keep a few favorite toys out to keep them comfortable. Continue to have dinner together as a family and watching your favorite television shows up until moving day.

Keep Everyone Involved
Include kids in on planning, packing, and cleaning the house throughout the entire moving process. Allow for kids to color and label each of the boxes according to rooms. Instead of assigning everyone chores, you can let them choose what they want to clean and how they want to clean it. Keeping everyone involved before you move to Ballwin will turn the chore of moving into a fun activity.

Understand the Need for Adjustment
After you have completed your move to Ballwin, the kids will need to learn how to adjust to their new room, house, and life. If you moved to Ballwin from another city, remember that your children will be in a new school and have to make new friends. Your kids may be sad after leaving their other friends in the old city. If possible, Ballwin movers suggest inviting their old friends over for a visit at your new house. You can also include their new friends in family activities for everyone to get to know each other better. It can be difficult to determine if kids are going through a hard time when being forced to cope after a move, so keep an eye on their mood and look out for any signs that indicate that they are having trouble adjusting.