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Preparing To Move a Piano

Our St. Louis residential movers understand that your items are precious and that you want to move them safely. Not everyone is a professional packer or mover, and that's why we want to help you with your moving needs. Trust our professional St. Louis movers to pack and move your belongings safely, as if they were our own! We will make your move quick and painless.


However, we also understand the feeling of accomplishment when getting things done on your own. So we’ve put together tips for preparing to move a piano, in case you're more of a DIY person.


What You'll Need to Move a Piano

Moving a piano isn't the same as moving a dresser or a bed. You can't just pick them up and carry them to the moving truck, as they are too fragile and too heavy. You're first going to need some supplies before preparing to move a piano.


You will want to gather the following items before preparing to move a piano:

- Stretch wrap

- Moving pads

- Four-wheel dolly

- Ratchet straps


How To Move a Piano

Once you have collected the necessary supplies, you will want to complete the following 8 steps for moving your piano:


1. Stretch the wrap pads around the top and sides of the piano.

2. Have one person raise the piano up, while another person sides the dolly under the piano.

3. Make sure that the piano is properly secured to the dolly by using the ratchet strap.

4. Ensure that the ratchet strap is placed above the piano's keyboard to make sure it doesn't case any damage to the keys.

5. When wheeling the dolly out, make sure to keep everything level. If you are moving from a place with stairs, you will need to lift and carry the piano very gently to make sure it doesn't knock against the steps.

6. Place the piano back on the dolly and carefully roll the dolly into the moving truck.

7. Make sure that the piano is securely strapped to the walls of the moving truck.

8. Make sure there are no other items near the piano in the moving truck.


If you need assistance moving your piano, let our St. Louis local movers help! We offer the best St. Louis packing services to make sure that your piano makes the move safely.