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How to Make Sure Your Home is Company Ready Right After Moving In

Do you have to move right in the middle of winter? If the answer is yes, then you are not the only one.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of St. Louis has been moving families during all times of the year, for over 20 years. For this reason, we know that one of the main concerns when using St. Louis movers to get settled into your new home is making sure your home is unpacked in time for holiday guests to stop by. Luckily, we have picked up some tips and tricks for making sure your home is company ready right after moving in.

Not only are these tips great for making sure your home is ready in time for guests coming to visit during the holiday season, but it is also great for a quick clean any time of the year. Regardless, whether or not you are trying to get your home ready for a housewarming party, a holiday dinner, or to simply tidy up after your St. Louis moving company leaves, this easy checklist will help you make sure your home is in tip top shape no matter the occasion.

- If you do not have time for your St. Louis movers to unpack all of your holiday decorations, then make sure you have a little holiday cheer somewhere throughout your house. For those having a holiday party in your new home, dig out your holiday towels to put in your kitchen and bathroom.

- Wipe down any bathroom sinks that the guests will use and make sure that the floors are clean. The most important part to quickly making sure that your home is company ready is to at least wipe down the areas your guests will be using.

- Do you have a ton of moving boxes from your St. Louis moving company still scattered throughout your home? Kill two birds with one stone and quickly declutter the main living spaces by stashing any items in your moving boxes until you have time to put them away. Store your moving boxes in your garage or an extra closet until your guests leave. That way, your home will be uncluttered while your guests are there.

- Set the mood by lighting a couple of candles or two, turning on holiday music, and using your table lamps. Since new houses can take a while to get that cozy feel after your St. Louis moving company finishes getting you settled in, take a couple of extra minutes to create ambiance in your home with simple touches.

- Between you and your St. Louis movers going in and out of your home with moving boxes, the floors in your home can get a little dirty. Before your guests come over, make sure to quickly vacuum your floors at least once in order to pick up any dirt that might have collected while unpacking.