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Packing Supplies for Piano Moving & Storage

The task of packing and moving a valuable household item such as a piano is not an easy one by any means. Upright and grand pianos are very heavy and hard to transfer. However, with a lot of help, there are efficient ways to get the job done. Hiring a professional moving company may be the best call when it comes to piano moving and storage because they offer durable packing supplies for pianos and strong and experienced movers. All My Sons Moving & Storage gives you the best packing supplies you will need to move your precious piano to your new home.

Make Sure You Have Help

If you don’t decide to hire the professionals, you must make sure that you have a lot of help to successfully move your piano. Upright pianos can be extremely heavy, sometimes weighing up to 400 pounds! We recommend that you enlist your strongest friends and family members to assist you in this task. You should have at least one person for every 80 pounds. Before you pack and move anything, you should measure your piano and the doorways that you will utilize. It’s important to have at least 1-2 inches of leeway on each side. You can always remove the door hinges to allow for more space. You will run into a real issue if you don’t have enough space for the piano to go through. If you’d rather not deal with the stress and potential injury, leave it to us! We have over 25 years of experience moving every item imaginable – so we know how to move a piano.

Proper Packing Supplies

Before it’s time to pack up your fragile items, you will need to purchase the proper packing supplies for pianos. All My Sons recommends that you use furniture pads to cover your entire piano to prevent damages from occurring while moving it to the moving truck. You will also need to purchase plenty of packing tape to securely hold down the furniture pads. A piano is a large item by far and it’s important to be prepared with the adequate amount of supplies. Focus on providing extra padding to the fragile components of a piano such as the legs and pedals. The last thing you want is to find damages on an expensive item that would require more money for repairs. You will need to get your hands on a moving dolly to move your piano out of your house and on the loading truck. Once you have utilized all man power to transfer the piano, you must secure it against the wall of the trailer with thick moving straps. Moving companies usually provide packing supplies for pianos if you decide to hire one.

If you need a storage unit for your piano, you will need to find a space that is large enough and one that is climate controlled. This expensive item can quickly become damaged in a storage unit that is not properly controlled by external conditions. You don’t want dust and moisture to creep in and damage your piano. Our St. Louis moving company offers climate controlled storage for your items. Ask our moving coordinators for more information.

If you are stressed over the thought of having to pack and move your piano by yourself, contact All My Sons today so we can handle your entire move! We will gladly provide proper piano moving and storage services for you to ensure safety and protection.