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Tips to Help You Pack and Load the Moving Truck

Packing and loading the moving truck can be a complex job that requires visual-spatial skills and planning – or a high-scoring Tetris player. Before you go ahead and just shove your boxes on a moving truck, the experts of our St. Louis moving company share a few tips to help you pack and load a moving truck.

Start With The Packing Materials

Before you’re ready to load the truck, there’s a lot you need to get done. Do you have the proper packing materials to ensure your items will get to the house safely? To ensure a safe relocation, you need sturdy moving boxes, packing peanuts, padded quilts, tape, and more depending on the items you have. The St. Louis packing supplies offered by All My Sons Moving & Storage are the very same ones the professionals use so you can trust that they are quality materials designed to protect your belongings. Aside from the packing materials, make sure to strategically pack each box and try to avoid leaving too much space unoccupied so your items don’t shift around or the box doesn’t cave in during transport.

Load the Items Onto The Moving Truck

Once everything is packed, you can then start the process of loading the moving truck. Bring your moving truck as close as you can to your garage or front door. To make everything easier, group all the boxes as close to the exit as possible or assign one person in the house to do that while you’re arranging everything on the truck. Save yourself the time and energy from running around to each room. Start with the larger pieces of furniture or mattresses that need to stand up against the sides of the truck. Generally, heavier items and boxes are loaded first. Make sure to use the proper lifting techniques to ensure you will not hurt your back, knees, and muscles. Don’t try to be Mr. Incredible or the Hulk by lifting something heavy by yourself – ask friends, family, and neighbors for help if necessary.

Once the heavier items are loaded on the moving truck, the rest of the process will go by faster since the smaller boxes are easier to fit in the nooks and crannies left. As you pack and load the moving truck, make sure heavy boxes are on the bottom and lighter boxes or those containing fragile items are on top and secure. Flat items should be well wrapped beforehand, but as an added precaution, throw padded quilts or old sheets and linens when you prop them up against the sides of the truck or stack them if you have a flat surface to do so. Organize an assembly line to speed up the process and take the strain off your back.

Items That Don’t Go on A Moving Truck

There are definitely items you should not pack and load on the moving truck. Documents, your overnight essentials bag, and food are just a few things that do not belong on the moving truck. You shouldn’t risk losing documents with important information such as the lease agreement or even your bank statements and so on. You also want to have your toiletries handy so you don’t have to hunt for a toothbrush among all the boxes when you wake up in your new house the next morning.

If you do wish to have a moving service help you when the time comes to pack and load the moving truck, our local St. Louis movers are puzzle masters that will secure everything to ensure it all arrives intact. Call today for a free, no-obligation moving quote and to learn more about our full-service moving packages.