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Moving in With a Roommate in St. Louis

Moving in with a new roommate is something that is a new experience, and it can go one of two ways. Either things work out, or they don’t. Some people meet lifelong best friends when they get roommates, while others meet their mortal enemies that can make life living hell. Moving in with a stranger can be stressful, no matter what the living situations are. Everyone lives differently, and inviting someone into your living space can be a hard thing to do. Whether you’re getting a roommate because you’re going to college for the first time, or because you need some help paying the rent, there are some ways to make things a little bit easier for all parties involved. If you are moving in with a roommate in St. Louis, here are some tips to ease the transition.

First and foremost, respect is everything. You need to respect your roommate and their belongings, and they need to do the same with you. Mutual respect can get you pretty far in the world of roommates. One of the first things you should do when you meet your roommate is discuss arrangements. Clearly you cannot have all of the storage space, and neither can they. Laying down some ground rules that are fair to everyone can really benefit everyone in the long haul.

One thing that you can do to ease the tension right off the bat is to give your roommate the benefit of the doubt. Don’t assume that they are out to get you, and things might go a bit smoother. It is important that they respect your stuff, and if they start to show signs of not doing so, then it is appropriate to say something. But to come off as aggressive right away can cause drama in a relationship that you kind of need to go smoothly. Also, handling all issues in a calm and collected manner can save a lot of grief and keep the relationship healthy. There is nothing worse than living with a roommate that you hate.

If you are a messy person, and your roommate is a clean freak, the least you can do is keep your mess in your area. Nothing aggravates people more than having to clean up after grown adults. One thing that you could do to get brownie points with your roommate is to do their dishes every so often, or vacuum your living space and their living space. Sometimes a little act of kindness can go a long way.

The most important thing to remember when moving in with a complete and total stranger is that respect is everything. If there is no mutual respect, the relationship is pretty much doomed from the get go. Also, don’t plan on the person being your best friend. Things can get messy when you mix best friends and living together.