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Make Your Moving Experience an Organized One

Moving day is right around the corner, are you ready for it? You have made your to-do list, given out assignments to family members, and now it’s time to tackle the most important and biggest part of moving—packing. There are several approaches that you can take to packing up all your things, including hiring St Louis movers and professional packers to come and do it for you. However, even if you do hire movers, you should be available to offer guidance when the movers need to know if something is out of place or belongs to something else. Regardless, these are our tips for a successful and stress-free moving experience.

Pack one room at a time

While it sure it tempting to just start tossing your belongings into boxes, taking the time to organize will make your unpacking process a much smoother one--trust us! Make it your goal to pack one room at a time, starting with a room that receives the least use as you are less likely to need things from there. This could be a guest bathroom, bedroom, or the hallway closet. Once you have completely packed up a room, you should clean it immediately. Knowing that a room is completely cleared out and cleaned up will be a satisfying feeling. Once complete, move onto the next room, do the same thing there, and so keep it moving. You can also direct the St. Louis movers that you hire to do this same thing.

Identify boxes with clear labels

After you pack each box, it is important to put a label on the box, identifying its contents and the room it is assigned to in the new house. This way, when the St. Louis movers unload the truck at your new home, you will be able to look at the box and tell them where to take it and which room it belongs to, whether it is the kitchen or your child's bedroom. In order to make sure that the labels on the box are clear and noticeable, it would be a good idea to use permanent markers.  You could even design a color coded system where the kitchen boxes are marked in blue, the living room boxes in red, the master bedroom boxes in green, and so forth. Now there are also creative items like colored duct tape and other organization tools that you can utilize.

Pack breakable objects with caution and care

If you decide to pack your own things, then one way that you can protect your breakable objects is to wrap them in bathroom and kitchen towels. It’s a great way to keep crystal, decorative bowls, and vases from breaking while also taking advantage of the natural cushion that towels possess. Use smaller towels to wrap glassware and dishes and larger bath towels for expensive platters, bowls, and figurines. Bubble wrap, pillows, and other items can be used for extra cushioning and will prevent fragile items from breaking.