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How to Make Your Home Feel Like You Just Moved In

There are few things more refreshing other than using your St. Louis movers to move into a brand new home. After all, what better way to get a new start?

Well, as anyone who has used a St. Louis moving company to relocate to a new home before knows, the feeling and look of a new home can quickly disappear. Between the daily wear and tear from living in your home, things can stop appearing new very quickly. Add kids and pets on top of it – and forget it!

However, there are simple DIY maintenance projects you can do in order to upkeep the overall “newness” of your house. If you are wondering how to make your home feel like you just moved in, then look no further. Schedule out some time every month to do some of these home projects, and you will be feeling like you just moved in for years to come!

Clean your carpets, floors and rugs. St. Louis movers can attest to the fact that this is one of the areas that most people end up forgetting about when they think about the general maintenance of their house. If you think about it, the floors of your home are the areas that most often get abused because you track in everything that you have walked through during the day. Yuck! Make sure to do a regular cleaning of all your carpets, floors and rugs once a month, and do a deep cleaning twice a year in order to keep that new look (and smell) to your home.

Get rid of grout. If the color of the grout in your bathrooms gradually starts to change color over time – this is not a good sign. When you have to call your St. Louis moving company in order to remember what the original color of your grout is, it is time to reconsider your cleaning schedule. Do a general monthly cleaning of your bathroom grout, and a deep cleaning about once or twice a year. If you decide to resell your home later on, you will be thanking us for making your life that much easier!

Take care of your walls and windows. For those who have kids and pets, it is especially important to regularly clean your walls and windows. This will not only keep that new coat of paint looking nice and clean, but also get rid of any dirt collected from little hands that like to touch everything they see. Washing your windows on a regular basis will allow more light to come in, thus making your home look cleaner overall.