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Make the Most of Your Living Room in Your New Home

Most of the time, when you finish decorating, there is a little bit of space that’s left over and you just don’t know what to do with it. If you are moving to St. Louis and want to make the most of your living room in your new home, the St. Louis movers at All My Sons have you covered. We have created this guide for the best living room organization in your new home.

The most underappreciated spot in your living room is the space above the doorway and on the walls. After moving to St Louis, you can add narrow shelving units above and down the sides of the doorway to maximize the wall space.

Sometimes a living room is just too small for a coffee table. If you tuck a low table into the window recess (provided there’s enough room), you will create a small space for a coffee cup without taking over precious floor space. If you do have enough space for a coffee table, put it to work! Go for a coffee table that has a lower shelf for storage. You can even get an ottoman with storage inside, instead! On your coffee table, you should have a tray. A tray helps with living room organization, because you can put your organized things on this tray, and they will be contained and look a lot neater.

If you have a tricky-shaped space, it can sometimes be hard to find storage pieces that will fit in that space. Instead of wasting space in your living room, consider custom built-ins and use a sloping roof or angled corner to your advantage.

Most people just think about hanging their TV on the wall, but this is just wasting space if you are tight on space. A great idea for added living room organization is framing the TV with shelving. You will have multiple storage opportunities, and the shelving can help blend a TV into the living room’s design scheme.

When moving to St. Louis, utilize the space along the wall behind the sofa. This wall is usually forgotten about more times than not. You can “sandwich” a very narrow table between the sofa and the wall, so you can add picture frames, plants, flowers and lamps. If you want more living room organization, find a table that has storage. If it’s open storage, you can keep books and magazines on the table, and if it’s closed, throw some pillows and blankets in there.

Another thing you can do for living room organization if you don’t have the space for lighting, is to choose lighting that can be attached to the walls. Doing this also frees up space on side tables for other things.