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4 Ways to Make Winter Moving Easier

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we understand that not many people are too excited about the thought of moving during winter. It’s cold, it’s the holiday season, and no one feels up for the challenge as they’d rather kick back and spend time with family and friends. Summer is the most popular time of year for moving, but life doesn’t always conform to our schedules, so sometimes we find ourselves having to move during the winter months. Not to worry, our team of professional St. Louis movers can help make the process as easy as possible. Check out these tips for making a winter move easier, from our moving and packing professionals:

  1. Check the Weather

    This is an obvious tip for safeguarding yourself in a winter move. Keeping up with the weather can help you determine any extra precautions you may need to take.  Watch the news when planning your move, and each day leading up to it. This will help everyone be prepared for moving day. If you believe there may be hazardous weather hindering your move, our moving coordinators will work with you to set the best possible time and date to complete your move. Our number one priority is the safety of you, your belongings, and our crew.

  2. Protect Your Home

    There are simple steps you can take to protect your home during a winter move. The best precaution is to cover your floors with cheap, plastic tarps that will protect wood floors, tiles, and carpet from snow, dirt, or water damage.  We also recommend clearing sidewalks, driveways, and any walkways from branches, snow, or anything else that could get in the way of moving. Set up a pathway for you and your movers to use that can help avoid and slipping or stumbling.

  3. Use the Necessary Tools

    Make sure you use gloves to keep your hands warm, and boots to avoid slipping or sliding in snow or sleet. Try keeping warm tea, coffee, or hot cocoa on hand to help yourself and your movers stay warm!

  4. Set Yourself Up for Success

Make sure the utilities are turned on at your new home. The last thing you want to face after a day of moving is a new home with no light and no heat. We suggest you check the status of your new home far before the move-in date to ensure everything is ready to go. Also, keep all your winter essentials with you. There’s nothing like digging through boxes for winter coats while you’re freezing cold. Keep enough winter gear in a separate box for yourself and your family, so that you have access to it whenever you need it during the moving process.

Although moving during the winter months may not be ideal in some areas, All My Sons Moving & Storage of St. Louis can help you get the job done. Call us today for white-glove moving services, any time of year. With full packing, moving, and unpacking services in St. Louis, we’re here to make your move as stress-free as possible.