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Hosting Easter Brunch in Your St. Louis Home

If you have recently moved into a new home in St. Louis, you may be thinking about hosting Easter brunch for your friends and family. It is a great way to get everyone together and show them your house, all at once. If your home is unpacked and in order, you can host a lovely Easter brunch without too much effort, with a bit of help from your St. Louis packing and moving company.

Easter Décor

Your Easter brunch should utilize clean and light décor. Use white table cloths, dishware and centerpieces. Incorporate pops of pastel color, by adding fresh spring tulips to your vases and pastel-colored linen napkins to your place settings. If you are looking for a more unique centerpiece, fill small wire baskets with speckled foam Easter eggs and baby breath flowers; it adds a very elegant look.

If you are feeling especially festive, you can fold linen napkins into the shape of bunnies. This may take some practice, but it looks really nice! If your brunch is more casual, you can use orange paper napkins and roll green plastic silverware up to look like carrots. Tie it together with a small piece of green ribbon.

Food and Drink

Since you will be serving several people in the morning, it is best to make something the night before, that you can throw in the oven when you wake up. This will make your morning much less stressful. Make something simple and cheesy that everyone will love. Opt for dishes like quiches, breakfast casseroles or baked frittatas. These can all be prepped the night before, and you will be able to bake them in the morning so they are fresh. Serve easy sides; like: fruit salad, deviled eggs, bagels and cream cheese, and muffins or small pastries. For drinks, serve rosé to be festive, but also have white and red wine on hand for those who prefer it. If your family is the celebratory kind, serve champagne with this holiday meal.

For the Little Ones

Kids bore easily at family functions, so have something fun and exciting for them to participate in. Hold an Easter egg hunt in your backyard to put smiles on their faces. Fill plastic eggs with candy, money and small toys; like stickers and action figures. Hide enough eggs so that every child invited will be able to collect a few, because no one wants to see tears on Easter! You can also set up an Easter egg dying station in the yard. Have the dyes and invisible crayons laid out and ready for the kids to play with. It is probably best to set up old sheets in the grass for this activity. If that is not possible, lay down newspaper so that the dye does not ruin your patio floor!

Hosting Easter brunch after recently moving, can be a big undertaking, but you can make it relatively simple. With a few effortless decorative touches, a meal made the night before, a few drink choices, and activities for the kids, your Easter brunch will be a success!