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Top Home Protection Strategies

Whether you plan on leaving for a vacation soon, want to sleep a little more soundly, or need to reinforce the foundation of your new home, many ways exist to reinforce the security of your home. St. Louis moving companies want your family to be safe in your St. Louis home and can lend some of our city’s top home protection strategies. If you live in the city, country, or even off the dark alleys of Gotham city, rest assured that if an intruder attempted to break-in and enter your home, you did your homework with All My Sons and prepared yourself for the worst case scenario. Bring it on!

First of all, do not underestimate the power of using a classic technique. Are you a DOG person? If the answer is no, you may want to consider becoming one. Even if your dog is more bark than bite, at least we can rely on nature’s alarm system to scare away whoever may be attempting to break-in, if not at least alert your neighbors to the looming peril outside your doorstep.

Secondly, if you really cannot make the switch from being a cat person to being a dog person, then going with an actual ALARM SYSTEM may do the trick. Chances are, if someone manages to enter your home uninvited, then the shrieking sound of the alarm will quickly make them rethink their decision.

Next, make sure to SECURE all possible OPENINGS to your home. Sliding glass doors, windows, and door locks all could use a little reinforcing. All of these leave themselves susceptible to forced entry from home intruders. Also, while some locks may be easier to break than others, installing a deadbolt will add a little element of surprise to the next person foolish enough to attempt to break past your well-locked barriers.

If all of this still leaves you wanting more security, the next step would be to install CAMERAS. Even if you live in an apartment, cameras can be placed on the inside of your front door and by all windows. If someone makes it past the guard dog, alarm system, and reinforced entrances, then seeing a camera upon first entry will surely make them think twice about proceeding further. Most of today’s camera systems have an app that lets you see exactly what is going on in your home, right on your phone.

Lastly, and possibly the most intense safety measure against home break-ins, is to create a SAFE ROOM. While this may prove difficult to do while living in an apartment, many homes have options as to how to incorporate a safe room. If you have the option of building your own home, having a panic room included in the construction plans would be ideal. However, if that option does not exist for you, then simply choosing a solid and secure room within your current humble abode will do just fine. Consider slightly renovating a closet to withstand an intrusion.

Regardless of whether or not you have a sworn mortal enemy that you wish to have extra protection against, or just want to take preventative measures like the smart cookie you are, any of the above home protection strategies will ensure that you win the battle against potential home intruders.