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Getting Quality Sleep in Your New Home

Moving into a new home always brings so much stress and body aches from heavy lifting, packing, and cleaning. However, it is time to start fresh in your new home which means getting a good night’s sleep after the move is a must!

Getting the right AMOUNT of sleep does not necessarily mean that you will wake up and feel ready to tackle the day. Instead, think about how to get QUALITY sleep in your new home.

Getting quality sleep is overlooked by many. Getting a good night’s rest allows you to be alert, lifts your mood, and allows your body to heal and recuperate from the hard work you put it through. However, there are many things to consider when trying to get better sleep.

Although you are in a new place and you may not feel right at home yet, there are several suggestions All My Sons of St. Louis recommends in order to get better get sleep in your new home.

  1. Consider the colors that you are surrounded by. Painting your room cool and calming colors can help promote relaxation and create a soothing feel. Since it is a new home, be aware of how you decorate and set up your bedroom. Try to avoid putting a TV in your room; the bedroom should be for sleeping and even though the TV may help you fall asleep, the constant sound will keep your brain from going into a deep sleep, resulting in you waking up feeling tired.
  2. Be sure to evaluate your new room. Determine where the light may be shining in and put up curtains or even blackout currents to prevent potential early morning sunlight from beaming through the windows.  Also, adjust your bedroom temperature to make it cool, something between 60 and 67 degrees; it is easier to get warmer with blankets (all-weather down feather will always keep you comfortable) than to get colder and risk waking up in a sweat.
  3. Make sure that your mattress and pillows are comfortable and not outdated. Many people believe that their mattress will outlast them, but the truth is that you should replace your mattress every eight years. You spend nearly half of your life on your mattress so invest in a good night’s sleep.

The St. Louis moving specialists found that moving into a new home interrupts your already established nightly routine; meaning that the unfamiliar atmosphere can affect your sleep habits. Re-establish a good sleep routine for your new home. Begin with eating dinner a couple hours before laying down and avoid consuming energy-packed foods before bed.  The St. Louis movers would like to remind you that adding regular exercise, melatonin filled foods, a calming cup of chamomile, and a hot relaxing bath will drastically help you sleep better in your new home. Put your feet up and rest, let All My Sons Moving Company of St. Louis help you move into the house of your dreams, literally.