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What Not to Put Down the Garbage Disposal in Your New Home

There is nothing more exciting than your St. Louis movers finally putting the finishing touches on your relocation and assembling all of your belongings in your new house, and then getting to play with all of the gadgets in your new home. For those who love to cook, this is especially true when it comes to new kitchen appliances.

If you are lucky enough to have your St. Louis moving company bring all of your belongings to a home that has a brand new garbage disposal, you know how much easier this makes your life. The last thing that you want to do right after your St. Louis movers leave is to do something that will ruin any of your new appliances; after all – they are expensive!

In order to make sure that your new home stays just like how it was when you first moved in, check out this list from All My Sons Moving & Storage of what not to put down the garbage disposal in your new home.

Coffee grounds. While you may think that coffee grounds will go down your drain easily, they will, in fact, do just the opposite. Instead of going down your garbage disposal and never having to think about them again, they pile up and cause a sludgy mess in your drain. Gross!

Pasta. It does not matter which kind of pasta is your favorite to cook – whether it is spaghetti, linguine, or ziti - you name it; that kind of pasta will wreak havoc on your garbage disposal. This happens because once pasta or rice is exposed to a constant flow of water coming from the sink, it will expand and clog the disposal trap.

Egg shells. Sure, we have all put egg shells down the garbage disposal plenty of times - even your St. Louis moving company has done it! However, by putting egg shells down your brand new garbage disposal, it causes the shells’ membrane lining to stick to the sides of the disposal and wrap around the shredder, causing tons of problems for your nice new garbage disposal.

Bones. When you put bones down the garbage disposal, instead of having them disappear forever like they should, they keep spinning around with the blades. Once they do make it past the blades, then they cannot make it down the drain pipes, thus causing a problem big enough that you will be wanting your St. Louis movers to come back and move you back out of your new home!

Grease. By putting grease and oil down your drain, you end up clogging your pipes instead. Trust us, this is the last thing that you want to deal with right after your St. Louis moving company pulls away from your driveway; you should be planning your housewarming party instead of having to deal with a broken garbage disposal!