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Gadgets for Your New Kitchen

After moving into your Ballwin home, you may make several resolutions to yourself. “I’m going to start gardening,” “I’m going to clean the house every weekend,” and “I’m going to cook dinner every night,” are common things we tell ourselves after moving into a new home. As time goes on, those promises become hard to keep, but if you have to keep one, your Ballwin packing and moving company can help you cook dinner more often. If you have the right kitchen gadgets and tools, cooking dinner can become a more like fun and less like a chore.

  • One of the worst parts of cooking is chopping veggies and herbs. It is just so time consuming! Luckily, there are plenty of tools on the market to cut your chopping time in half. A mini food processor can handle onions, peppers and mushrooms, so it is definitely a small appliance you should have. For herbs, we recommend you snag a pair of herb scissors. These bad boys have five sets of blades, so chopping up parsley, basil or mint is no problem. And we can’t forget about garlic. It might be the biggest pain of them all, but with a garlic crusher, you can have fresh crushed garlic in seconds. They are easy to wash too!
  • Do your kids hate eating their vegetables? If so, you need to pick up a spiralizer. These small gadgets turn veggies like zucchinis, squash, carrots and potatoes into vegetable spaghetti. Once you top your “zoodles” (zucchini noodles) with sauce, your kids will not be able to tell the difference. A great tool for any parent with fussy eaters!
  • Silpat baking sheets are essential for anyone who bakes. These silicone sheets are heat resistant and can be used instead of parchment paper. They are great for baked goods and rolling dough.
  • If you make soups, you need an immersion blender. These are awesome, because you can puree everything in the same pot you cook your soup in. It also allows you to easily thicken sauces right on the stove.
  • There are tons of gadgets that make eating more fresh fruit more feasible. A pineapple corer is a great way to get some tropical fruits in your fridge. They even sell ones that slice as they remove the core. Strawberry hullers are a great tool to make berries more readily available, and your kids will love using this little gadget.
  • Grilling is a great way to enjoy cooking. There are plenty of gadgets to make grilling easier. Grill clips, for instance, allow you to clip veggies together so they won’t fall through the grates (think asparagus or onion slices). Digital grill tongs, which include a thermometer, are another great grill gadget. You will be able to tell the temperature of the meat and have the perfect steak or burger every time.
  • When you need multiple things in the oven, room runs out quickly. A three-tier oven rack will allow you to get several dishes and sides in there at once. Dinner is served!

Cooking more often in your new Ballwin home is a great way to get your family together. It will also ensure that they are eating right. So cheers to your worthwhile dinner resolution!