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Fun Ways to Announce That You Are Moving

For those who have found themselves using St. Louis movers on more than one occasion, chances are that you have already exhausted your ideas for how to announce that you are moving.

If you are lacking inspiration regarding how to let everyone know that you are moving, you still have to find a way to let all of your friends and family know that you have changed addresses. In an effort to avoid your moving announcement from being boring, your St. Louis moving company has come to your rescue! Simply use this list from All My Sons Moving & Storage St. Louis of fun ways to announce that you are moving in order to keep all of your loved ones up to date with your new address.

Throw a going away party. One of the most fun ways to say goodbye to your old house and hello to your new home, throw a going away party that you can invite everyone to. Your going away party does not have to be an extravagant affair, and you do not have to include every single person in your address book. You can opt to only include those closest to you in order to make sure that you have enough time to say goodbye to everyone that you want to, before your St. Louis movers come to pack up all of your belongings. Make sure to include your new address on the event invitation. That way, if someone cannot make it, they still have your new address.

Send fun moving announcement cards. Pick out fun moving announcement cards that will make people stop and take a second look at it. Make sure to send out your moving announcement cards before you actually move – that way all of your loved ones will have plenty of time to come and say goodbye before you send off all of your belongings with your St. Louis moving company. Also, by choosing fun announcement cards, people are more likely to save them and therefore have your new address on file at all times!

Have a housewarming party. If you missed the boat with letting people know that you were moving before you actually moved, then embrace it! Instead of having a going away party, put all of your energy towards throwing the best housewarming party your new neighborhood has ever seen! This is a great way to include old friends while making new friends with your neighbors at the same time. Choose housewarming party invitations that highlight your new house; the best way to do this is to make an invitation and announcement card with a photo of your new house as the backdrop. This will also help your guests find your new home when arriving for the party.