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Essential Tool Kit for Every Home

You don’t need to be a homeowner to have a home tool kit. A college freshman in a dorm room even needs one! A well-put together home tool kit is essential for completing jobs around the house, dorm or wherever you need. No matter how big or small the job is, you will find that the essential home tool kit will you get you through any problem. You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive kit all at one time. The professional movers in St. Louis at All My Sons have created this guide to help you build the essential tool kit for every home.

Screwdriver: You will need a screwdriver for tightening hinges, straightening electrical plates and assembling furniture and toys. You should have bits in all different shapes and sizes. At a minimum, the bits that you should have flat-heads and cross-heads.  

Hammer: Hammers are necessary for hanging pictures, pounding in nails and whatever else needs some “persuading.” Our movers in St. Louis suggest that you should make sure it’s a claw hammer, so it can also be used to lever out any nails.

Tape Measure: You’ll need a tape measure for measuring the square footage in a bedroom, spacing pictures on a wall or for measuring for window blinds. Retractable and lockable tape measures are easy to use.

Allen Wrenches: An Allen wrench will literally adjust just about anything in your house. They come in all different sizes and don’t take up a lot of space and you’ll always have something that can be fixed with an Allen wrench.

Level: No more crooked photos! You will need a level for hanging pictures, straightening furniture or adjusting legs on an appliance. It ensures that you don’t hang or install anything less than horizontally perfect.

Pliers: Get a pair of need-nose pliers for small and delicate jobs like repairing jewelry or gluing together tiny pieces of something back together.

Utility Knife: A knife should be kept handy (but out of reach from the kids), for breaking down boxes or slicing into packaging. Our movers in St. Louis recommend buying one with built-in blade storage and rubber-covered handles for comfort.

Flashlight: You never know when you’ll need a flashlight in an emergency. It’s always best to keep one handy for any situation.

Other items that should be in your home tool kit are: an adjustable wrench, slip-joint pliers and vise grips. Having a good selection of general-purpose hardware is always good to have around. This toolkit is a very basic essential home tool kit. If you know you’re going to need specialty tools, or are experienced enough to use those tools, go for it!