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Decorate Your Backyard with Style and Substance

Here in St. Louis, the summer is a great time to enjoy your backyard. In preparation for the BBQs and parties to come, the St. Louis movers have some expert decorating tips for creating a unique and welcoming backyard for entertaining, dining, relaxing and much more. Incorporating a few exciting décor tricks can make you truly love spending time and hosting company in your backyard, from football game parties to children's birthday extravaganzas.

Liven up the dining area that you have outside. Mix and match prints between seat cushions and tablecloths and don't be afraid to add decor that might not seem to match perfectly. Look for fun colors and prints that will spark conversation, as well as items that are multifunctional. Outdoor decor also needs to be strong against weather wear, so try and avoid metal items that might rust in the rain.

Add mirrors to open up the space. Mirrors are not only for indoors! Use them to open up your outdoor space and make your yard look bigger. Framing them in wicker or bright colors is a great way to blend them into the yard without seems out of place or too formal for an outdoor setting.

Plant some floral ambiance. Beautiful smelling plants like jasmine, frangipani, and hydrangeas not only add beautiful dimension and color to your yard, they also smell divine! Accenting these blooms with white tea lights or Christmas lights will make your yard a romantic and whimsical place to escape to from the chaos of the world.

Add a television for outdoor sporting events, the Oscars, and more. Watching programs on a patio outdoors is a great way to catch up on programs while enjoying a fresh breeze or the long summer days. You can also add heat lamps for the winter months to keep things cozy while you spend time on the patio. Make lemonade and spend your summer evenings catching a breeze while catching the hottest programming as well.

Use bold colors to make your patio pop. Bright colors on neutral pieces of furniture are an ideal way to incorporate bold and bright colors into your home. Colorful cushions on outdoor seating are a practical and easy way to incorporate bold color to a typically neutral furniture family.