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Buying a Home in the Fall

Many homeowners decide to purchase new properties and move in the summer, however there is still a plethora of properties that are available in the off-season, such as the fall. So what do you need to know about buying a home in the fall? The St. Louis local movers have a few insider tips to share with you on how to purchase a home you love in the fall months. Read on to learn our secrets.

Know what the market is like. Different cities have different markets at different times, period. Research your area and know what kind of homes are available, and also at what price. Homes usually drop in price after the summer months because they are less likely to sell in the off-season, so sellers want to have a competitive angle to garner attention.

Inventory might be limited. Even if homes didn’t sell in the peak months, they might not be available for you in the fall either. Frustrated sellers might remove the homes all together after the disappointment of not selling in the summer. On the flip side, some sellers might be hanging in there waiting for a buyer to come along.

Research how long homes have been listed. Homes that are on the market longer than 3 or 4 months can result in a seller desperate to sell the property and move on. Assuming the property has no huge flaws that are constantly turning it off from bidders; the still-listed home allows you some room to negotiate the price down to help the property to move faster.

Check what maintenance and work is required. This is especially true when a home is listed for several months. Have your eyes wide open and look at areas that might need work. Find out when the roof was replaced last, how the siding and foundation are holding up, and more. If there are obvious and potentially expensive repairs needed, negotiate that amount off of the asking price and use your knowledge as a bartering tool.

Moving in the fall months can also be less expensive, as moving companies usually offer rates lower than the summer since moves slow down for most people. Be sure to ask for seasonal discounts to see what you can save on your next residential move in St. Louis!