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What Are the Best Bars in St. Louis?

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St Louis nightlife is among the best in the country if you know where to look. If you are a new or soon to be resident of our beautiful city and you’re still struggling with understanding where the best spots to quench your thirst are, do not worry! The first thing you have to understand is that there is no such thing as a “typical” St Louis Bar. The movers St. Louis trusts over at All My Sons Moving & Storage, have come together and crafted this beginner’s guide to the best bars St Louis has to offer! 

What Are Some Traditional and Fun Bars in St Louis?

If you’re looking for cool bars in St Louis that feel comfortable and friendly while still offering some amazing drinks and delicious food, then you have to check out some of the traditional and cool bars in St Louis. Everything from a traditional St. Louis speakeasy to loud and passionate sports bars in your new city, be sure to check them out!

  • Thaxton Speakeasy

  • The Fox & Hound Tavern

  • The Pat Connolly Tavern

  • The Post Sports Bar & Grill

You’re going to love these places and the best part, you can find these places or others like it in just about every place in town. Some bars in downtown St Louis have aspects of these places as do some spots in the quieter suburbs. These accessible and fun bars are a must-try for those who love simple things.

Looking for Cocktail Bars in St Louis?

If you’re feeling a bit more upscale and adventurous, there are plenty of bars that offer a wide array of cocktails throughout the city. But what are the best bars in St. Louis for all the cocktail-loving people according to our movers?

  • Planter’s House

  • Blood & Sand

  • The Famous Bar

  • Olio

If you love cocktails, a pleasant atmosphere, and excellent service, then popping into one of these local gems is an absolute must for all newcomers to St Louis. 

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Now that you know where to find the best bars in St Louis, why not team up with the best movers for your next St Louis relocation? All My Sons Moving & Storage provides the premier moving service in the area and is proud to do so. Get an online quote today, or reach out to us at 636-328-0545 to learn more. 


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