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Windsor is a major city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, on the south bank of the Detroit River across from Detroit, Michigan. The Detroit-Windsor tunnel, also known as the Detroit-Canada tunnel, is an international highway that connects the United States and Canada. If you are thinking about moving to Windsor, then jump on finding the perfect Windsor locations as the city is bustling with diversity and growth.

Windsor is a growing city of over 210,000 and is filled with over 200 parks across the settlement. The sculpture garden is particularly trendy, along with the stretch of greenspace that passes by the beautiful waterfront. Local real estate starts as low as 50,000, ranging up to as high as six million. The market is doing fantastic in the area since more and more people are inspired to move to this great location. Our residential Detroit-Windsor movers can help get you moving towards your new adventure in Windsor!

Detroit Local Movers Will Happily Make the Drive

Moving to Detroit, right near the border, is an exciting shift in scenery. Detroit is the largest and most populous city in Michigan. Fun experiences in the well-known town include walking through the institutional art museums or the Motown Museum. Enjoy the view granted by the Detroit Riverfront or Michigan’s state parks like Belle Isle Park. There is so much to see! After finding your new home, the Detroit-Windsor movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage will help you make a smooth transition. Detroit’s cost of living is lower than the national average, and there are tons of fixer-upper houses in ideal locations.

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All My Sons Moving & Storage specializes in outstanding customer service and transportation. Following family values and principles has led to customer satisfaction and five-star reviews. You can trust a company that has been around for over three decades and relies on protecting your valuables. Our expert team will quickly and efficiently get your belongings to your new home.

From shrink-wrapped packaging to honest pricing, the Detroit-Windsor movers want to relieve you of the stress that comes with packing and moving. All My Sons Moving & Storage offers highly trained professionals to move and drive your furniture or family heirlooms to the desired destination. From Detroit commercial real estate to residential or settling in Windsor’s stunning locations, take advantage of the packing and unpacking services or call and get a quote today!