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Tips for Easy Packing and Moving

You’re ready for a move, but you just can’t seem to start on the hardest part – packing. Procrastinating on packing can really put a damper on your entire move, and set you back to the point of stress and no return (until settled into your new home, of course). If you think packing is one of the hardest things you’ll do while preparing for your move to Miami, you could be right. Lucky for you, your reputable South Florida moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, has created a short list of four helpful packing tips that will make your move as simple as pie. If you don’t believe us, try them for yourself!


  1. Purge! Get Rid of Everything. The more unused and unnecessary items you eliminate before packing is less you have to pack. It’s science. The less you have to pack, the less you have to move, unload, unpack, and reorganize. If you’re a person who likes to take their time getting rid of things they may not want any longer, start decluttering as soon as you know you’re moving. If you’re one who doesn’t like to get rid of things, do the entire toss, keep, or donate piles.


  2. Sort Things by Category Instead of spending an entire day on every room in your house, one of our packing tips is to sort out your things by category. If you’re moving during the summer, your South Florida moving company suggests packing up winter clothes first. After sorting out and packing your clothes, you can move on to shoes. After shoes, you can move on to the knickknacks you have around your room, following by books, etc. This way, you have all your items organized and boxed/bagged by category. This makes organization for unpacking easier.


  3. Stick to Boxes – and Get Them for Free Pay a visit to your local supermarket or liquor store to recycle their old boxes. It’s important to make sure the boxes are only gently worn, and you’re using them to hold lightweight items – just to keep things contained. If you grab boxes that are heavily used, this could put a damper on your move. The boxes can rip, and you can end up with broken valuables on your big move to Miami. For heavier items, use actual moving boxes to get the job done.


  4. Mark Your Boxes Properly Write a detailed description of what’s in the boxes you’re closing up. We can tell you first hand that this is one of the most important packing tips that will make your move ten times easier. For instance, you can write Bedroom on four of your moving boxes, but it’s better to know that Bedroom: T-Shirts from Top Left Dresser Drawer and Bedroom: Items from Junk Drawer are two separate boxes, and you won’t need to cut open your junk drawer box to get to your t-shirts.


Stay up to date with more packing tips and other helpful resources for you move to Miami with All My Sons Moving & Storage.