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How to Tastefully Decorate with Mirrored Furniture

Decorating after a move is always fun. A new room in a new house is like fresh paint on a new, blank canvas. There are so many different furniture styles available which makes choosing the color that works for your vision easy. There is also the new trend of mirrored furniture to experiment with too. If you have just recently moved and are thinking about decorating your room with mirrored furniture, our professional Miami movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage can help! 


Ways to Decorate with Mirrored Furniture 

Working with mirrored furniture in your room or home can be a little tricky, since everything reflects off it. Our Miami local movers are no strangers to the challenges decorating the inside of your home and have decided to put together a list of helpful ways to decorate with mirrored furniture. 


Using Mirrored Furniture as an Accent Piece 
If you want to try decorating with mirrored furniture, but don’t think you can commit to a large piece, you can always use mirrors in your room as accents. Hanging large mirrors on the wall will help give the room a brighter feel. Try looking for mirrors with cool designs, like starburst mirrors, to add a little something extra to the effect. 


Using Subtle Mirrored Furniture as a Highlight 
When decorating with mirrored furniture, not all the pieces need to be big and flashy. Think about how you plan to decorate the room the furniture will be going in, what will be reflected off it? A nightstand or small coffee table with a mirrored top can easily and beautifully reflect anything placed on top of or above it.

Using Mirrored Furniture to Brighten a Room 
As mentioned before, decorating with mirrored furniture has the ability to brighten any room, when done properly. If there is a wall in your home where a window could possibly go, hang some thin curtains on it with a mirror on top. You can then decorate other walls in the room with either mirror trimmed furniture or low hung mirrors.  


Using Mirrored Furniture to Make a Room Modern 
Decorating with mirrored furniture can also make your room feel more modern. Try using mirrors as centerpieces for the room such as dining tables or chandeliers. You can pull your modern mirrored look together with studded upholstered chairs, plants, and glass decorations on top. 


Using Mirrored Furniture to Decorate Your Kid’s Rooms 
Mirrored furniture can also be used in your children’s room to make it feel a little more mature. You can use subtle pieces like a nightstand and a mirror on the wall, to make the room of a teenager go from childish to mature. Add even more decorations by placing little colorful accents on the nightstand. 

When you’re ready to move into your new Miami home, contact All My Sons Moving & Storage. We can take care of your moving needs like packing and unpacking your belongings. Our residential Miami movers will be sure to make your move quick and easy so you can get to decorating with mirrored furniture faster!