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Moving Terms

As with any specialized industry, moving has its own lingo.  To help decipher the code we are listing some of the terms you may encounter while you search for moving company.  The transition of moving can be confusing enough, so when you call All My Sons Moving & Storage don’t be afraid to ask questions if something is unclear.  We are committed to be here from you from the beginning of your move until we unload that very last box.


Moving Terms to Know

Agent - A person or company appointed by your mover to act on their behalf, or a member of a Van Line


Bonded Warehouse - Warehouse that meets with local Customs specifications, allows the storage of items that have not yet gained customs cleared status.

Cost per hour - A rate given per hour based on the number of men and size of truck, you will be charged on the time taken to carry out the move.

Declared Value - Value you the owner declare your goods to be for the purpose of insurance. This will form the basis of your insurance cover and it is important that it reflects the value of your belongings, it could be the full replacement value or the second-hand (Indemnity) value dependant on the type of cover you are arranging.

Export Wrapping - Method of packing household and personal effects for transportation overseas.

Ferry Vehicle - Small vehicle used when access at residence is restricted, the ferry vehicle goes between the house and large removal truck with your possessions

Groupage - Your belongings use part of the space in the container, the costs are shared and this method of transport usually results in a saving although transit times are usually longer.

Home Packing - An option when you choose to carry out your own packing.

Intrastate Move - Move within same state

L.T.S. - Long Term Storage.

Materials - Various items with which your belongings are packed for safe transit e.g., cartons, crates, bubble wrap and removal blankets.

National Move - Move within same country, usually long distance.

Owner packing - You choose to pack your belongings yourself, either into cartons supplied by the mover or into your own boxes. If you're short a cardboard box, we offer the best packing supplies in Indianapolis.

Packing List - Numbered listing of your belongings, with general description and the condition of items prior to storage, used for checking that all items placed in store are accounted for at the time of delivery. You will be asked to sign the form at the time of collection and delivery in agreement with the details, noting any exceptions. This form maybe used in the processing of an insurance claim.

Replacement - Insurance that provides replacement of the item damaged beyond economical repair or lost. Ensure that if you are required to provide a valued inventory, the values declared are the replacement value.

Storage Vaults - Large wooden container, your belongings are loaded into them, sealed and then the container is stacked away.

Transit Time - The time indicated between collection and delivery of your belongings.

Under Insured - When the declared value of an item is less than the cost of replacement, insurance compensation will be restricted to the value declared as a maximum level of compensation

Van Line - Group of independent moving companies who co-operate together to provide moving services throughout a specified country e.g., <st1:country-region w:st="on">U.S.A.</st1:country-region>

Warehouse Handling - The physical unloading / loading at a warehouse, this can be carried out by forklift truck of by manpower