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Best Restaurants in Indianapolis

Welcome to the beautiful city of Indianapolis, Indiana! We are home to hundreds of restaurants that are known for their world-class cuisine. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or you’re new to Indianapolis it’s always fun to try out new dining experiences. Our Indianapolis movers encourage you to check out some of the best restaurants in Indianapolis.


Breakfast in Indianapolis

Waking up ready to chow? Check out these locations for the best breakfast joints in Indianapolis.

Yolk-City Way

One of the best breakfast spots in Indianapolis is Yolk-City Way. Yolk-City Way is your classic, traditional breakfast consisting of omelets, French toast and benedicts. The Yolk-City Way consistently provides delicious food to satisfy all of your cravings. 

Long’s Bakery

Long’s Bakery is home to an assortment of tasty doughnuts. Our Indianapolis residential movers promise, their glazed doughnuts taste as good as they look and smell! If you’re looking for one of the best restaurants in Indianapolis to satisfy your sweet tooth, Long’s is the way to go.


Lunch in Indianapolis

Salads, sandwiches and smaller plates are great options for lunches. But of course, any lunch in Indianapolis is going to be tasty. 

Fitzgerald’s Lunch House

Fitzgerald’s Lunch House is a great place to grab a bite for lunch. They specialize in sandwiches and are located off Otis Ave. According to our Indianapolis long-distance movers, their sandwiches, wraps and salads are some of the best in town. 

The Garden Table 

The Garden Table, located off Massachusetts Ave, features a variety of salad, sandwiches and refreshing cold-pressed juices. Their cauliflower grilled cheese, fajita bowl and detox dream cold-pressed juice are a few of their most popular options.


Dinner in Indianapolis

Dinner is one of the most social meals. Just think about it – people often host dinner parties, birthdays are celebrated at dinner, and the classic date night is dinner and a movie! It’s very common for people to go out with friends, host a celebration or just enjoy a meal during dinnertime. Indianapolis is home to some of the world’s best fine-dining experiences. 

The Eagle

Located off Massachusetts Ave., The Eagle known for their traditional southern cooking. A few of their most popular dishes are the brown sugar bacon, fried chicken and the five-cheese mac & cheese. 


Located off Virginia Ave., is a new American style restaurant. They offer small plates like their heirloom tomato plate, medium-sized plates like their dragon shrimp, and larger-sized plates like the classic ribeye. Save room for dessert! Their buttermilk bread pudding and watermelon hibiscus sorbet are legendary.


Now that you have found some restaurants in Indianapolis to try, it’s time to focus on packing up your home and moving to Indianapolis, Indiana. Our local movers in Indianapolis are here to help you move so you can focus on which of the best restaurants in Indianapolis you want to check out first. Call us today to learn more about our moving services and receive a free, no-obligation quote. Let our family move yours to Indianapolis, Indiana.