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Storage Tips for Your Move to Boise

Our Boise movers have a few tips for you that will help you with your big move if:

- You have a couple things that you’ve got to put into storage
- You don’t have enough room in your new home for everything
- You’re moving in but fixing up a few things in the house
- You have a few seasonal things you need to put away for now
- You just feel like putting a few things into storage


Categorize Everything

Categorization of your belongings will just make everything much simpler down the road. Where tossing everything in a box carelessly is incredibly easy now, when you can’t find the HDMI cable for your TV later on, you will not be having a good time! Electronics with electronics, toiletries with toiletries, office knick-knacks with the office knick-knacks, and so on. Whether you do simple categories or categorize for each room, you’ll thank yourself for this one.

Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Want or Need

Just like categorizing, this will make life much simpler for you. You may not even need to use a storage unit by the end of this. The more you get rid of, the fewer items you need to put into storage, which, in turn, means a smaller storage unit, and ultimately, the cheaper your storage costs will be.

Utilize Spatial Reasoning Skills.

Your Boise movers know that this can be a very tricky one. Spatial reasoning is essentially like fitting the square block in the square hole, which sounds fairly simple, until you realize many of your belongings are oddly shaped.


What you’re doing for minimization is making as many items as small as they could be. Non-spring mattresses can be folded, tables and chairs can be either taken apart or juxtaposed upon each other (i.e. seat-on-seat, one chair standing normally, the other sitting upside-down on top of it) and whatever empty spaces between the items can be filled with boxes or other items.

Squared Shapes and Same Sizes

Just like Tetris, you’ll want everything to fit together perfectly. You’ll want to put as many same-size square shapes (rectangles included) together as possible. But if you have a large box and a ton of small ones roughly quarter the size of the bigger one, you’ll want to place the larger one as the base, building upward with the smaller boxes arranged in a square atop the larger box, level-by-level if need be; unless your smaller boxes are altogether too heavy to not damage or otherwise compromise the bottom box. In that case, Boise movers suggest building a base of small boxes in a square, level-by-level, and place your lighter, larger box on the top of that base.

Heaviest/Strongest on Bottom


It should go without saying that you want your heaviest stuff as close to the bottom of the stacks as possible. As said in the previous note, you want to be sure to not compromise or damage the boxes on the bottom.

Try to Use as Many Smaller Boxes of the Same Size as Possible

This one takes from each of the previous notes. This way, you will eliminate empty, unused space, everything will fit like a glove, and you won’t have to worry much about boxes that are far too heavy and cumbersome. Unless you’re packing them with gold bars, in which case, you may need more than simple packing assistance!

Get Pallets

To prevent silverfish, rats, or other pests from taking refuge under or within your boxes, cover the floors of your storage unit with raised pallets. This is a preventative measure also taken in restaurant storage rooms as a safeguard to avoid pests and contamination.

Pad Your Fragile Items

In order to avoid any damage to your fragile belongings, Boise movers suggest you pad them up individually with foam padding, bubble wrap, blankets, corrugated plastic or cardboard, or whatever materials you can think of.

Avoid the Nasty Stuff

Place moisture pads in the right areas to prevent mold and mildew; make use of mothballs and rat traps to avoid pests as well.


Whatever is not immediately going into your home, but is still important, store front-and-center—or in an otherwise opportune and readily-accessible place in your storage unit. Of course, if you’re using the unit for all the items going into the new house, put all your most important items front-and-center for easy access.

Now that you’ve got these tips from your Boise movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, you should be all set to store your belongings!