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How to Prepare Your Car for Transport

Moving isn’t just about getting your household items together; it can also apply to your vehicles. Auto transport can be stressful, and a concept many do not know enough information about. That is why our Boise auto movers are sharing their tips on how to prepare your car for transport with this simple and easy guide!

Take a Good Look at Your Car Beforehand

Before you prepare your car for transport, one of the first things you want to do is get your car a good cleaning. Dirt and other grime can be hiding dents and scratches you do not know about, especially if you have a black or darker color car. With a fresh cleaning, you will be able to notate any scratches on your car so that when your car arrives at the new location you can look for new damage and make sure your car has remained the same throughout the travel.

Disable Your Car Alarm

While this tip might seem a little obvious, many people actually forget. Sometimes your auto transport movers may need to get inside with no keys, and an alarm going off can not only be a nuisance but also affect your car’s battery. Prepare your car for transport by turning off any lights, alarms, and switches. You’ll want to make sure your car is accessible to the auto transportation drivers.

Remove Your Personal Items

Since you will be disabling the alarm up above and your car will be open for the auto movers, it is a good idea to remove any personal items. Do not pack your car with any moving boxes are extra items. Talk to your auto transporter about what should be placed inside the car beforehand. You should also remember that roads will bumpy, so items in your car may tend to bounce around. Many auto transportation companies ask you to remove your personal items from inside your vehicle so nothing gets damaged during transit.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Your car may be moved on and off the loading ramp multiple times. This motion can put a strain on your tires if they are low and can result in a flat tire. As one last tip to prepare your car for transport, make sure your tires are filled with air. Not only will this benefit you, but also your auto movers.

Get a Vehicle Transportation Quote

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our local Boise movers are the experts when it comes to not just moving, but transporting vehicles as well. Call today for a free, no-obligation quote on how much it will be to transport your car so you can save that money and gas on something else! Trust us, your car is safe and secured when you work with our Boise moving company.

*As a bonus tip on preparing your car for transport, always go with a company that is licensed. There are many fraudulent companies out there that claim to be auto transporters and actually do not have the license to do so. Always ask for proper documentation, and do your research before hiring an auto moving company.

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