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Office Organization Tips for After You Move

Making the ol’ office move, huh? You’ve already packed up and transported everything, and you’re about ready to get to the unpacking. This task could be an overwhelming one, but don’t you worry—we’ve got your back! Take a look at some tips from your Boise movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage below for organizing your office following the big move.

Whether this is for your own personal home office or your office at work, what you’ll want to do first and foremost is account for your belongings. In other words, make sure you’ve got everything: desks, chairs, writing utensils, computers and monitors, pushpins, phones, speakers, business cards, paper, printers, headphones—everything all the way down to the amusing little rubber duckies you put on your desk to keep your sanity on the tough days!

Once you’ve accounted for everything is when you should begin setting-up. So let’s go!

Consider Your Layout.

Take into account windows and lighting and figure out how you’re most comfortable. You don’t want a glare on the computer screen, nor do you want light shining directly in your eyes; if you can avoid it, you don’t want to be sweating to death with the sun beating on you through the window, either. Plan your layout according to your comfort preferences as best you can.


Set Up Your Furniture.

Desk, chair, filing cabinets, side tables, bookcase—maybe even a coffee table, couch, and TV, if you’ve got a big enough office! You don’t necessarily have to get all Feng Shui with it, but you also don’t want to just carelessly place your furniture. Again, your Boise movers suggest placing your furniture according to your comfort preferences.


Frequently Used Items.

Unpack these first. Lamps, computer, mouse, keyboard, phone, printer, office supplies (paper, pens, stapler, tape—all the good stuff!) Set these up in their appropriate spots; computer tower either under your desk or flat on top of the desk so it may be used as a stand for your computer monitor. If your desk has drawers, consider using one for new reams of paper, fresh notepads, and the like. Unless you’d like to keep them on your desktop, have a drawer for office utensils, such as your pens, stapler, tape dispenser, whiteout, scissors, et cetera.


Side tip: If you’ve got wired equipment, hopefully you’ve got a desk grommet (or, the little hole in your desk through which you relay your wires.) If you do, you’ll want to put all wires through the grommet and you’ll want to be sure they’re all untangled, and then couple them together—wrap them with a few zip-ties or Velcro cable ties, this way, you can avoid a future of tangled cables and cords and all the frustration that comes with!


Infrequently Used Items.

These can include reference materials, books, archives, framed photos, and your office knick-knacks (yes, now you can get your desk duckies in a row!) Set it up how you must. Again, what is comfortable for you should work just fine. Remember to try and keep clear and clean space so that you can get your work done!



The final step here should just simply be looking over everything you’ve just set up. Is it all there? Is there anything you’re missing? If there is anything you want to add or take away, you can do this at any point—it is your office, after all! You should feel right at home in your office. Maybe you want a coffee maker and station, perhaps a chaise on which you can relax for your break time, or a surround-sound system so you don’t have to use headphones anymore (not exactly recommended for open offices!)


That should do it! You should be clear to use your new office. But always remember, if you need any help with the move, packing, unpacking, furniture arrangement, or a couple supplies, give the Boise movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage a call!